Keith Butler Praises Cam Sutton As A Quick Study

Cam Sutton has gone from afterthought to being thrust into the NFL spotlight. After missing the first half of his rookie season, it took only two games for him to be inserted into the defense, rotating in with Coty Sensabaugh with Joe Haden on the mend. Sutton has held his own and speaking to reporters yesterday, Keith Butler chalked that up to his football IQ.

“He is a very sharp young man,” Butler said via Joe Rutter’s short video of the interview. “He picks up stuff well. He’s very situational aware. He’s still got a lot to learn. But we like what we see.”

There’s a chance Sutton will be *the* guy in the most difficult matchup of the season. Sensabaugh has missed both practices as of this writing and Haden has been limited both days. If both are out, a serious possibility, Sutton will see all the snaps.

He was drafted in the third round because of his ability to play man coverage. When asked about it after practice, Sutton deflected, saying it was just important to play their game.

“Each gameplan is not the same,” Sutton said via the team site. “You have your fundamental base. You have what you need to do, what you rely on as a defense. At the end of the day, it comes down to winning your matchups. The more wins we have out there on defense and get off the field, and getting the ball back to our offense, they have more opportunities to put up points on the board.”

It’s a defense that still hasn’t found a way to slow down Tom Brady. Since 2007, including playoffs, Brady has thrown 22 TDs and zero interceptions. The last pick he tossed was in 2005, a span of of well over 250 attempts. Put it this way. The last Steeler to intercept Brady is Chris Hope, a guy who has been retired for five years.

Sutton doesn’t have to be the guy to break the streak. But if he’s out there, it’s a guarantee the Patriots go after him. And he needs to continue to hold his own.

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  • Steeler Nation!

    Obviously we’d love to have a healthy Joe Haden out there. But some were saying there was no way Sutton could get on the field this year after missing so much time in camp and early season. He’s going to take time to perfect his craft and learn, but he has the ability to be a good player. Sensabaugh doesn’t appear to have that ability any more.

  • rystorm06

    Already better than Sensabaugh

  • ciscor65

    This might be a good thing. It’s a target area that the Steelers picked for Brady. It will be fine if its defended well.

  • hdogg48

    Other than quarterback, cornerback is probably the
    most important position on the field, because that
    is where a mismatch is hardest to hide.

    This guy has very limited experience and it is a lot
    to ask of him to be trusted now.

    On the flip side Coty has been a disaster and Arty has been
    inconsistent so that minimizes this risk, but now is
    not the time (against Brady) to do it.

    It’s kind of like putting it all on Red and being disappointed
    if you lose.

    I’m really hoping for a big game up front. I think the Pats will
    put Brady to take deep snaps from the shotgun and
    scan the field for mismatches.

    We are going to need sure hard tackling to try to impose
    a physical will on them. We never could out scheme
    Bellechick or Brady, and Sunday won’t be the first

  • Steeler Nation!

    But if we man them up on the outside quite a bit, who would you rather have between Sensabaugh or Sutton?

  • Ring4Shaz

    But wait – all week, TV anal-ysts have been telling me middle linebacker is the most important position on the field, and that the Stillers hopes and dreams are dead because they’re missing Ryan Shazier (whose name none of the TV anal-ysts even knew before he got injured).

    And I was told by everyone that the Stillers got beat in the AFC Title game last year because of the Bell injury, even though DWill had a good rushing day, and the WR’s dropped at least 3 TDs. So tailback must be the most important position, right?

    Or maybe backup QB is the most important spot, because Landry Jones had the Stillers within 20-16 in the 4th quarter of the regular season game last year.

  • Intense Camel

    What do we have to lose? Think about it. Might as well give the kid a chance.

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    He’d better be the quickest study of all time

  • Iulo

    lol… there are simple too many ratbirds, patsies and cowgirls cheerleaders playing the analyst

  • ryan72384

    Wow I don’t remember the Chris Hope interception. Can’t believe that was 2005. Maybe Cam ends that ridiculous streak Sunday.

  • Lambert58

    This is why he was drafted.

  • John Pennington

    If he can stay healthy and Hayden comes back maybe they will bench Burns.