Listen: Steelers Vs Ravens Initial Analysis

Back at it breaking down the Pittsburgh Steelers insane 39-38 win over the Baltimore Ravens. We go through the highs of the offense, the lows of the defense, and the clutch plays made on special teams. And no, I didn’t mention New England because it’s way more fun enjoying this win than worrying about what’s next. That can start later today.

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Alex Kozora
Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • Phil Brenneman II

    Feels like you covered everything well Alex. Got a couple topics of conversation

    1. Bud Dupree – First, I thought it was hilarious how you said you wouldn’t use words like Jarvis Jones. Didn’t know his name was such a curse word lol. Sersiously though, I have been a big buyer of Bud Dupree and as someone who is/was, I think it is okay if I give the go ahead to start making the Jarvis Jones comparisons. Lets be clear, he has already been more productive than Jones as a blitzer but it feels like Jones was better against the run. The guy is going complete ghost mode and the only slack I can cut him to this point is that he has dealt with injuries each season.

    That being said, I am starting to wonder if they dude just doesn’t have the football skill. Matekevich is a football mind without the athleticism and you really have to think Dupree might be his polar opposite on the team.

    2. Chris Hubbard – If he plays as well as he has from here on out is there any debate about who your starter at RT is for next year? And in fairness to Hubbard lets assume some natural progression overtime looking forward as well. And I am not one of those who is like “oh look, we have a cheap backup lets just get rid of our Probowl level starter now” or anything like that, but really wonder if you think he has the potential to topple Gilbert. I guess we could also consider potential salary cap implications as well.

  • Alex Kozora

    With Dupree, I mean, the guy still has 4 sacks this year. That’s obviously far away from the goal but sure more than Jarvis ever did. And I know Dupree has dealt with these nagging injuries.

    Still not debate about it for him. Gilbert is the key. Hubbard will get paid well on the market. As he should.

  • KrisC

    Hey Alex. I am a longtime follower of this site and your articles, but this is my first time writing to discuss the following. I wanted to ask your thoughts on 3 things. How do you view Butler’s ability to make adjustments and keep his players playing disciplined football? The guy seems to get out coached often (i.e. New England last year). It’s nice having tough players and high draft picks, but how many times this year do use see undisciplined football where guys are often out of place, miss tackles because they are either trying to make a big hit or tackle with their head down, get untimely penalties, or don’t stay in their gaps. I am a big Washington Husky football fan and you rarely see a Chris Petersen team out of place, undisciplined, unable to make game time adjustments, or out coached. They are disciplined, fundamentally sound, and if an individual isn’t playing to a certain standard then they don’t play–next guy up.

    Secondly, does Dupree frustrate you like he does me? How many times does the guy look lost, run up the arc on passing plays and not get to the quarter back thereby creating a huge passing lane or escape route for the quarterback, or run up the arc on running plays creating a huge cut back lane for the running back. By the way, this issue with Dupree was my main frustration–the guy just does not produce relative to his draft stock.

    And thirdly, does Bryant look unmotivated to you? Last night on the first drive Ben threw an out pass to Bryant who just took the ball out of bounds. He was one yard short of the first down and took two or three steps after catching the ball before going out of bounds. Most receivers try to cut more up field to try to get the first down. Too, when he gets passes thrown his way on either crossing routes or quick screens to the sideline, it looks like there is no urgency in his game. He has been cutting backwards with little effort to get up field.

    Love reading your analysis of things and would love to read your thoughts on these things.

  • Alex Kozora

    Hey Kris! Thanks for writing in. Don’t be a stranger.

    It’s a good question on Butler. I tend to wait until the end of the year to sum those things up because obviously, he could still keep making adjustments. Steelers’ Nation is basically going to determine his value by how things shake out next week and in any playoff matchup.

    Butler definitely has his own mark on the defense and you’ve seen him do a lot of different things. Not everything is effective, not everything is my favorite, but it’s unfair (and you aren’t saying this, to be clear, just speaking generally) to think he isn’t adjusting.

    Dupree…heck yes, super frustrated. I was one of his biggest champions before the year began. Need to see more.

    Bryant. It’s always tough to say who is/isn’t motivated. Bryant has every reason to be. And his effort as a blocker has always looked good. But yeah, he isn’t playing to his size, isn’t playing detail-oriented, and I can’t figure out why. Maybe not unmotivated. Just frustrated.