Patriots Add WR Kenny Britt On Eve Of Steelers Showdown

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots will meet at Heinz Field in just a few days, and after a night in which the Patriots’ wide receivers seemingly hardly contributed at all, they have made a change, signing veteran free agent Kenny Britt, who was recently released by the Cleveland Browns.

They were reportedly interested in the former first-round pick during free agency, but the Browns drove up his price in their efforts to replace Terrelle Pryor, and so saw him fall into their lap yesterday after he cleared waivers. The veteran said that New England was his top target.

He will now have a few days of practice to learn the Patriots’ system if he wants to suit up and play on Sunday against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has already seen him once, with the Browns in the season opener. He had one reception in that game for 13 yards, and also had a key drop on third down, if my memory is correct.

He has only been active for nine games and started four in spite of the fact that Corey Coleman missed half of the season. He has just 18 receptions for 233 yards and two touchdowns. The Rutgers product was coming off a career year with 68 receptions for 1002 yards and five touchdowns.

The 29-year-old will now look to find a role in Tom Brady’s offense, offering him a tall target at 6’3”. It should be noted, however, that the Patriots are a team that is willing to take chances on players, and they don’t always work out.

They traded for Phillip Dorsett earlier in advance of the regular season, and he has just seven receptions for 140 yards on the year. He was a healthy scratch against the Steelers on Sunday night. The Patriots also traded for Kony Ealy, but released him before the season even started. Cassius Marsh and Ricky Jean Francois are other veteran names that have already cycled through this year alone.

In other words, there is really no reason to panic just because the Patriots signed somebody, which seems to be a tendency. The theory is that Bill Belichick obviously has a plan to turn this player into a superstar, something that nobody else saw or was able to do. Honestly, sometimes that does work out; see Deion Lewis. But most of the time it doesn’t.

It will be interesting to see if Britt is even active for the game against the Steelers. The real piece that the Patriots were missing in the last game, of course, was Rob Gronkowski, who will be far more of a difference-maker than a wide receiver off the street.

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  • Jim McCarley

    wow…talk about grasping at straws…geesh.

  • will

    It is the Pats mind game……..they are masters.

  • Iulo

    cheatriots are capable of anything… That Bennett signing (after released from GB) was worrisome (for PIT aspirations), but this is not really a scary one… we will see how it results for them.
    Can you imagine Gronk and Bennett crushing PIT’s decimated middle field?

  • Timothy Rea

    Will have to wait to see that until next year as Bennett is on IR.

  • Iulo

    thats what I mean with “was worrisome” 🙂

  • EdJHJr

    Miami not steelers

  • Britt had a few good years early on in his career, he has been with multiple teams since then and has done next to nothing, I’m not worried about this move.

  • PittShawnC

    Did he play volleyball in college instead of football? No you say? Then I’m not worried.

  • Ring4Shaz

    Seems like a desperation move based on a horrible offensive showing in Miami. With that in mind, they’ll likely rush him into the lineup this week and make a big show of trying some deep throws to him.


    I purposefully did not read this article, because I wanted to let the headline just sit with me for awhile.This is what two good teams do. This is going to be an epic match-up. Every TV in the nation should have this as a game to watch. I hope we show up. We need to start naming this game as something epic to make it stick. “The Battle of The Rings” or something with a nice ring.

  • nutty32

    I ain’t scurrred. He’s another guy that stops playing once you pound him a couple times. Those guys cause negative plays and leave teammates out to dry.

  • imjohnh

    a two year deal, of which 3 weeks is guaranteed.

  • John W.

    As I understand it, Cleveland cut Kenny Britt simply because the spectacular awesomeness know as the Browns offense is just way too overloaded with top-notch superstars. They had to get rid of someone to make it fair for their opponents. AB would have trouble making the team, assuming the Browns even offer him a tryout.