Referee Tony Corrente’s Recent History With The Steelers

Yesterday, it was announced that referee Tony Corrente and his crew would be officiating the Week 15 game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots at Heinz Field this Sunday.  Unless you have been asleep for the past 3 weeks, you know that the winner of this game controls the tie-breaker and just has to wait for the Jacksonville Jaguars to lose or tie a game to own home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

There is likely to be a lot of laundry on the field on Sunday, based on the season to date.  Corrente’s crew has assessed 203 penalties so far this season, the highest of any officiating crew, and has been on the field for 3 of the 4 highest penalized games.

The Patriots had a little help from Corrente earlier this season in their win over the New York Jets, when a touchdown by tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins was overturned.  The Steelers haven’t had the pleasure for two years.

In 2015, Corrente officiated the Week 8 meeting of Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals on 11/1/15.  The Steelers had 10 penalties for 91 yards in that game, with the Bengals almost even at 10 penalties for 94 yards.  The Steelers lost 10-16 and also lost star running back Le’Veon Bell for the season with an MCL injury.  Here is the breakdown:

One year prior, Corrente again officiated the Steelers at Bengals matchup.  This time it was the Week 14 meeting on 12/7/14.  This game had a happier ending, with the Steelers cruising to a 42-21 win.  The Steelers played a clean game, accruing only 3 penalties for 20 yards and the Bengals finishing with 7 penalties for 54 yards.  Here is the breakdown:

The Steelers did not enjoy Corrente’s company in 2013.  Going backwards 3 more seasons, the Steelers did see a fair amount of “self-inflicted wounds”, as head coach Mike Tomlin often refers to the lost yardage.  Interestingly, the Steelers gave up more penalty yards in the games they won, including a whopping 163 in a home blowout over the Oakland Raiders:

Penalties can be a major factor when the Steelers play the Patriots this Sunday, especially with a defense that will be missing star inside linebacker Ryan Shazier and may not see the return of cornerback Joe Haden.  Especially when the opposing quarterback Tom Brady is so successful when requesting flags to be thrown whenever he wants one.  Here’s hoping the Steelers keep it clean and limit the number of yards they give up to Corrente and his crew.

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Melanie Friedlander
Melanie Friedlander, MD, FACS, is a board-certified surgeon, who is a passionate Steelers fan and understands injuries from the player's side, too, thanks to four years of collegiate rugby.
  • Truth Dispensary

    Refs are as biased about the outcome (in New England’s favor) as Democrats are about trying to prosecute Trump.

  • nikgreene

    please keep things to football.

  • Rob

    Would be nice. So hard for me to not respond to this, but I’d like to think its the right thing to do

  • Orlysteel

    Corrente and crew masters of phantom calls, hope they realize that no one goes to the game to see them officiate.

  • Stairway7

    Maybe they’re thinking all those terrible towels are for them!!!!

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Hey, Doc! Cool to see you’re expanding your posts beyond educating the armchair GMs of Steeler Nation.

    This move by the NFL is probably meant to be two-fold:

    1. To make sure no game-changing calls are missed in such an important AFC matchup.
    2. To more closely police the teams whose players (Gronk and JuJu) have had recent suspensions.

    I understand the thinking behind both, but extra flags so often swing the pendulum in the other direction—enforcing tricky-tacky calls that change (and unfairly sustain) entire drives.

  • ThePointe

    Ha! That Raiders/Steeler game probably irritated the crew to no end. They threw 14 penalties and couldn’t affect the outcome one bit!

  • rystorm06

    Messing up Tom’s hair, 15 yard penalty, automatic first down.

  • Timothy Rea

    Long as they call the plays fairly on both sides. Flagging the grabby corners of the pats, not flagging everyone who breathes on Brady for roughing and then not seeing Ben get his nose broke or something. Pats seem to be the golden child of the NFL though with penalties. Can’t remember a time of seeing them hosed like every team they face.

  • CountryClub

    I’m more concerned with excessive pass interference/illegal contact penalties. How is this crew in that regard?

  • Chad H

    You’re right! This crew is the absolute worst. I’ve changed games I was watching because of this crew.

  • Delboka

    Every punt has a penalty, so expect a dozen at least.

  • Delboka

    Every punt has a penalty, so expect a dozen at least.

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    I agree… I would just point out that political parties don’t prosecute anyone, and neither do independent investigators. The justice department would be the ones who prosecute based on any evidence that may or may not emerge in any given investigation.

  • FlaFan47

    Great to hear from you Doc, particularly when it is not about someone’s injury. You are the best author we never hear from unless it is bad news so this is a pleasant surprise. Corrente is the leader to date on penalties but interesting story about him on a referee (Zebras) site about the time that getting involved in breaking up a fight between Steelers and Ratbirds actually injured him and ultimately led to discovery of cancer…probably saved his life. Sorry to bring it back around to a medical thing but hey, irony. You rock, keep up the great work.

  • Bradshaw

    advantage pats and the nfl knows. in a game of inches, the nfl swings outcomes through small acts like these.

  • dany

    Man that raiders game, it was a yellow fest

  • Jim Foles

    Brady converting his 3rd down by – Illegal Contact, Defensive Holding or Interference calls will abound again.

  • Jim Foles

    Those calls killed Atlanta’s D last year. They had 3 illegal contact calls in a row on 3rd downs. By the end of the 3rd qtr.. The Atlanta D was out of air. There needs to be 2 orange flags per game for the coaches to throw to counter these horrid calls.