Smith-Schuster Celebrates Steelers TD By Reenacting Taunting Of Burfict

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is one creative human when it comes to post-touchdown celebrations as evidenced by what he did during Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots.

Following a second quarter touchdown reception by Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant, Smith-Schuster decided it was time to revisit his illegal hit on Cincinatti Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Well, more specifically, he revisited him standing over Burfict and taunting him. The second-round draft pick knocked Bryant to the ground and then straddled him with both legs while looking down at him just as he did with Burfict several weeks ago.

Burfict, by the way, suffered a concussion as a result of that hit from Smith-Schuster and has yet to play in a game since. As for Smith-Schuster, he was suspended one game for his illegal hit on Burfict and while many still think it was a result of him also taunting Burfict while he laid on the ground, the league has since denied that claim.

Was Smith-Schuster’s Sunday celebration and mocking of Burfict in poor taste? I will let you all decide.

From hide-and-seek to this in one season. Boy, do these young players grow up fast.

  • StillerzHaterzAmuseMe

    JuJu hit was epic. Don’t care what anyone says.

  • Doug Andrews

    Still pissed from the game but that was hilarious!

  • rystorm06

    Sorry I’m never going to show sympathy for burfict ever, loved it

  • StolenUpVotes

    This kid is special man. That play he made to set up the final moments was epic

  • jason

    Big JUJU fan. I think he could be as good as AB maybe better in time. just saying he has all the attributes to be a star in this league and only a freshman. just hope he stays level headed

  • AndyR34

    Most deserving!

  • Love it!

  • Shane

    Didn’t like the taunt, don’t like it turned into a celebration. Just my $.02

  • Ravens Team Gynecologist

    My favorite detail here is Bryant grabbing Juju’s leg at the end. Haha

  • Steelers12

    Better than AB? Nah AB is a once in generational player

  • israelp

    The legend grows.
    This was an epic mock of the NFL suits.

  • israelp

    And good for Martavis for playing along.

  • StarSpangledSteeler


    By the way… If these refs are so dedicated to getting every call exactly correct… Where’s the P.I. on Gillmore against Maravis Bryant in the end zone? I thought grabbing the WR’s arm and holding it down while the ball approaches was a penalty? Is that not in the official NFL rulebook?

  • Ichabod

    Love JJSS but not liking that at all

  • J.

    Im with you it was bad taste the firt time and even worse e 2nd time.

  • razaard2

    That was amazing hahaha. I was laughing so much when they did it lol
    No poor taste, that was a borderline block and a well deserved taunt from the rookie over that thug

  • Phil Brenneman II

    It is a bad look from him.

    I like JuJu and the hit was a good hit but when you start to look like the very Bengals player you were taunting I think you have to start questioning your actions.

    Not surprised to see the hypocrisy from a lot of posters though. If Burfict had done that same thing they would be losing their minds.

  • Shawn S.

    The new kid finally stood up to the bully. Didn’t have an issue with the hit or the taunt, and didn’t have an issue with the reenactment.

    Burfect is the dirtiest player of our generation, going back to his college days. The league has done little about it, and the Bengals organization condones it. Hopefully the Bengals’ new coach will reign him in, because if not he will probably end the season of at least one Steelers player next time we play. We’ll see.

  • Benjamin Schell

    Not going to be better than AB but could be the next Hines Ward, and I’m thrilled with that

  • Ray Istenes

    I like the young man and loved the hit on Burfict but to celebrate like that is uncalled for.

  • MJK

    JuJu should be fined again, steelers don’t play that way very un classy

  • Heywood Jablome

    I love JuJu, but I HATE that celebration. This only ensures that there is going to be more dirty play the next time they play the Bengals. The Steelers goal should always be to win the Super Bowl, not to engage in grudges with rivals. It’s just stupid.

  • Thomas

    I like the catharsis of miming out the previous week’s BS frustrations or funny moments heh

  • dany

    If this kid last 10+ years in the NFL he’s going to be the beginning of a new generation of players. Just have fun out there, the game doesn’t last nearly long enough

  • Wilson Owen

    the league gave Juju a free pass for that when they said the suspension was not related to the taunt. Well played Juju
    Somebody should hit Gronk like that.

  • John W.

    I’ve loved all of Juju’s TD celebrations, and the reenactment of the Burfict taunting is no exception.