Steelers Vs Ravens Missed Tackles Report

In a second straight rivalry matchup Sunday night at Heinz Field, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense looked very porous and lackadaisical in the tackling department, at least when watching live.

However, on the way back through the film for a third time, the tackling display wasn’t even one of the three worst performances by the black and gold during the 2017 season, at least from what I have tracked.

Following the tracking of missed tackles from Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, the tackling display by the Steelers fell behind the likes of the Chicago Bears game in Week 3, the Indianapolis Colts game in Week 10 and the Tennessee Titans game in Week 11.

Let’s take a look.

Total missed tackles vs. Ravens — 14

Sean Spence – 3
Sean Davis – 3
Arthur Moats – 2
Coty Sensabaugh – 2
Mike Mitchell – 1
LJ Fort – 1
Bud Dupree – 1
Vince Williams – 1

Total missed tackles through 14 weeks (13 games) — 162 (average of 12.46 misses per game)

Ryan Shazier – 26
Sean Davis – 20
Mike Hilton – 13 (one on special teams)
TJ Watt – 11
Bud Dupree – 11
Artie Burns – 8
Vince Williams – 8 (one on special teams)
Mike Mitchell – 7
Cameron Heyward – 6
JJ Wilcox – 5
Joe Haden – 5
Anthony Chickillo – 5 (one on special teams)
William Gay – 5
Javon Hargrave – 5
Stephon Tuitt – 4
Sean Spence – 3
Coty Sensabaugh – 3
Tyson Alualu – 3
Robert Golden – 3
LJ Fort – 3 (one on special teams)
Arthur Moats – 3 (one on special teams)
Tyler Matakevich – 2
LT Walton – 1
Darrius Heyward-Bey – 1 (Special Teams)
Kameron Canaday – 1 (Special Teams)
Brian Allen – 1 (Special Teams)

Fourteen total missed tackles against the Ravens in primetime is certainly nothing to scoff at, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some performances this season. And based on the way Twitter was reacting during the game, you’d have though the Steelers would have finished with somewhere around 50 missed tackles.

Yes, 14 is an egregious number, but fortunately for the Steelers and their defense, the 14 missed tackles didn’t result in a loss this late in the season. Of course, they need to improve in this area moving forward if they want to win a Super Bowl. Will they? Only time will tell.

Looking at the list, Sean Spence looked like a guy who had been out of the league a week ago, while Sean Davis was dreadful across the board following a tremendous start to the game. I love his skillset and the ceiling he has as a player, but he’s maddeningly inconsistent in the back half.

Arthur Moats did a decent job stepping in at middle linebacker, but it’s clear he’s not comfortable there, while Coty Sensabaugh continues to regress quickly at cornerback. Might be time for him to his spot behind Joe Haden once the veteran returns from injury.

Lets look at some of the worst misses from the game.

On this short little dump-off from Joe Flacco to Alex Collins in the right flat, the missed tackles start quickly for the Steelers.

Sensabaugh takes a poor route to Collins and is off-balance as he misses. Spence, playing just his fourth snap of the game, misses Collins as well after flying over from his inside linebacker position.

Plays like this has given the Steelers serious issues all season long, especially when Haden and Ryan Shazier were on the field. I don’t know what the issue is with tackling on these short swing passes, but expect a heavy dose of it on Sunday with the Patriots.

I hate to pick on Spence here again, but this was an ugly, ugly missed tackle by an NFL-caliber linebacker. I get that he was out of the league for a bit, but this is a tackle he has to make in the hole.

He scraps over and is in good position to make the stop, but his lower half sticks in the ground, causing him to lunge for Collins, who cuts back slightly in the hole.

Fortunately, LT Walton is there to clean up Spence’s missed tackle, keeping Collins from busting a big run early in the second quarter.


Moats and Davis are right there to swallow up Collins on another short swing pass, yet Davis’ effort is putrid on this play. Throwing a shoulder into a power back like Collins? Come on.

As for Moats, he tries to hang on for dear life near the sideline, but Collins is able to slip through.

Once Collins gets past Moats and Davis, it’s Vince Williams’ turn to miss a tackle along the boundary. It’s hard for me to fault him here though because it looks like he slows up as Davis and Moats converge. As Collins slips through, Williams is a step late to get back up to speed, causing him to whiff along the sideline.

Overall, it was an ugly tackling performance by the black and gold, but thanks to the offense and a couple of key second-half stops defensively, the Steelers were able to emerge victorious.

  • SfSteeler

    so over keystone cops missed tackles…its worse than turnovers or penalties when you average 12 a game…wonder where we are in relation to the league

  • Chad Weiss

    Lol I commented how Sutton looked ok on field buthis tackling is shaky

  • John Pennington

    That play where Moates couldn’t get the player down and Davis gave the back a shoulder instead of wrapping upthe back was a disgrace to the defense.This has been going on for years now Burns does it alot when he decides to try to make a tackle.This team is the worst tackling team in the league and its not getting better.Draft players who can and have the heart to tackle and cut the players who go thru the motions.Get Dangerfield on the field at least he wil hit you and tackle you.

  • RKSteel

    What happen to the days when it seemed like the whole Steeler defense would be around the ball carrier to make the tackle?

  • disqus_WrRvUyG2DA

    I remember those days. Gang tackling!

  • ThePointe

    These days, half those gang tacklers would be fined by the league for late hits. That is what has happened to those days.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I know we are talking about missed tackles but how about LT Walton on that entire play in the 2nd gif. Sort of swims over the first blocker like he isn’t even there, gets depth into the backfield into another linemen and has the awareness to disengage and chase down the play pretty quickly.

    Just a flat out A+ snap for him and great to see in your backups.

  • Ralph Wagner

    I don’t understand why players that are drafted as defensive players can’t or won’t tackle. Tomlin and Butler likes speed on defense, but what good is speed if they don’t finish the job by making the tackle? Time to re-think their drafting of speed on defense better draft players that can do what defensive players are suppose to do TACKLE. What a novel idea. LOL

    Go Steelers ! Just tackle baby.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    It’s one of the worst ailments a defense can have. It means any play can go to the house.

    Also, check out Hargrave in the first gif. More of this and less of the no-arms approach to tackling or this is going to be a short playoff run.

  • SixburghFan

    That first gif is exactly what the Patriots are going to try to do to us – get their RBs in the flat in space and make us miss tackles. Lewis, White, and Burkhead are more elusive than Collins, especially Lewis. Whose responsibility is it on defense to handle the backs out the backfield when the DBs are in man coverage – the ILBs? If so, we are in trouble, I would think, even if Haden does play.

  • Zarbor

    The technique on these tackling looks real bad. Guys are trying to one arm or only arm tackling a player without getting into the player with your body. Then there are guys that are using their body but no arms. Mitchell is famous for that one. Spence has got to be the worse, not to mention he is seriously lacking the speed he once had. I agree with several of the comments made already. This defense is in for a long day this coming Sunday.

    Some much for the standard is the standard because the tackling is sub-standard.

  • Nathanael Dory

    14 is not high by Steelers standard. But those misses were horrible!

  • hdogg48

    Best tackling teams in the league:

    Seahawks, Jaguars, Vikings and Ravens.

    I would put the Pats somewhere in the top 10 and
    the Steelers somewhere in the middle ten.

    One ENORMOUS stat that was overlooked on last
    year’s NE team….they were number 1 in scoring Defense
    during the regular season. You don’t nab that distinction
    if you are NOT a good tackling team.

    IMHO the game Sunday will be decided by which team
    tackles BEST in the Red Zone.

    That’s why Brady and Bellechik are 10-2 against us.
    They KNOW that when you get down there the team
    that scores the most touchdowns just about always
    beats the team that settles for FGS.

    Forcing a turnover or two would be nice for a change. I
    absolutely loved the way Watt strip sacked Flacco at the
    end of the game.

  • Steve

    For a Big man Hargrave has a Great motor.

  • Steve

    #51 is Spence not Moates.

  • Petherson Silveira

    I have been talking about this for a while, tackling is a problem, but the inability to set the Edge and stopping outside zone is attrocious and is tottaly on Buttler´s. 2 years of poor job against outside zone is unacceptable.

  • Steve

    Haden will not have the greatest of games his first game back. Takes time to get them legs under you again but will be much better than sensa.

  • Steve

    Sundays game will be won by the team that commits the least number of mistakes.

  • gdeuce

    It was Moates on the tackle he is talking about

  • Josh Carney

    Spence isn’t even in the third gif, so…and I literally wrote about Davis, “Davis’ effort is putrid. Throwing a shoulder into a power back like Collins? Come on.”

    You do you though lol

  • Q Fourtyfive Unowho

    Ummmm..I recall Sutton missing at least 2 tackles …At the very least 1

  • Josh Carney

    He didn’t. You probably saw a 4 and assumed Sutton. It was Sensabaugh.

  • Sdale

    When I watched the replay of that, what infuriated me more than anything was the effort by Williams and others that sat and watched it happen. I realize it’s next to the sideline and you have to be careful not to get a late hit penalty, but there is no excuse for not gang tackling. Williams could have cleaned that up before the runner had even left the grasp of Moats. The biggest difference I see in games where we do a good job of limiting extra yards is multiple defenders attacking the football. Why would any of our defenders slow up and wait for another to finish off a tackle. Just unacceptable based on how many missed tackles we’ve had.

  • Sdale

    Yep. The number might not be up there, but the impact of the misses were right up at the top.

  • Sdale

    Surprisingly, we were in the middle of the pack a few weeks ago. I imagine we’ve dropped a down to the lower 3rd after the last few weeks though. It definitely is a league wide issue, but even with others struggling, we’re still way down on the list. It’s bad news.

  • MC

    Those Sean Spence misses are pretty bad, he must be REAAALLY rusty. No breaking down and leaving the feet in the worst way. The second one is atrocious as his attempt doesn’t even slow the RB down for a sec. Even if he dives at his knees without a wrap up attempt he would at least hinder his progress a little bit.

    Sean Davis miss is just inexcusable. Absolutely no effort and expecting the man coming in with you will make the tackle if he doesn’t Just sad seeing two NFL calibre players close in against a runner who has the sideline near him and the runner still wins.

  • Michel Smiffi

    Well, look at our LBs on sunday.
    Most of the 345606 successful outside zone runs by the Ravens didn’t happen because of missed tackles, but simply because neither ILB (with the obvious exception of Shazier) has the speed to even get into the play.
    You can be the best tackler in the world. But if the guy simply outruns you to the edge, you will make no tackles.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    That miss by Moats and Davis on the sideline was horrible. Wilson owns two Steeler defenders to get a 1st down instead of being stop well short of the sticks.

  • Q Fourtyfive Unowho

    Maybe you’re right

  • Q Fourtyfive Unowho

    Maybe you’re right