The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Ravens Game Recap, AFC Playoff Picture, Injury Recap & More

Season 8, Episode 58 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Monday show, David Todd and I get right to talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night win over the Baltimore Ravens that resulted in them clinching the AFC North.

David and I jump all over the place early on in this podcast but finally settle on talking about the play of the Steelers offense against the Ravens. We talk a lot about the play of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, wide receiver Antonio Brown and the two tight ends, Jesse James and Vance McDonald.

Running back Le’Veon Bell was also a huge contributor in the passing game Sunday night and we discuss a few of his touchdowns Sunday night.

We make sure to save plenty of time to talk about the play of the Steelers defense Sunday night which wasn’t great at all. We go over how the Steelers tried to cover up for the loss of inside linebacker Ryan Shazier and how safety Sean Davis had a miserable night.

The officiating wasn’t great Sunday night and thus David and I recap a few calls and non-calls that happened during the game. We also go over a few questionable play calls and coaching decisions that took place late in the game.

We give you an update on the Steelers injury situation following their win over the Ravens and discuss a roster move that will likely take place on Tuesday.

David and I close the show by resetting the AFC playoff picture and start taking a small look ahead to the Steelers week 15 home game against the New England Patriots. We also talk briefly about the NFL playoff picture as Week 14 comes to a close.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 58 of Season 8 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Michael Mosgrove

    first half review

    what wrent wrong first half:
    first quarter
    first balt drive
    first play dupree stoned, cant get off block. balt +3 yards.

    third play 3rd and 8. SO MUCH BAD. dupree pushed way out of play. (about 10 feet). pass to woodhead gay in coverage. gay way out of the picture, gravewobble nearest. easy first down. balt + 20 yards

    fourth play dupree cant decide to attack or drop ball over his head balt + 9 yards.

    fifth play no one covering right flat. sensabaugh covering right out route. easy first down sensabaugh missed tackle. alulalu takes him down. balt + 14 yards ish.

    sixth play. heyward misses block watt cleans up.

    davis interception…. didnt see the alualu hold. but camera shot not great.

    first pitt drive.

    first play big al gets blown by on a speed bull. bell dropped. pitt +1 yard

    second balt drive.

    6:59 first play: dupree pushed out.

    second play. sensa 4 yards off balt + 11 yards

    third play tuitt cant get off block. dupree is inside on a stunt. misses runner. balt +7 yards

    fifth play 3rd and 3. dupree washed out. davis gives up first down. balt + 8 yards.
    side note espn play by play says burns but burns was about 5 yards back. was davis who pushed him out.

    6th play burns gives up play. left side. balt + 6 ish.

    7th play deebo and alualu get stop. sensabaugh looks lost.

    second pitt drive.

    third play
    3:08 connor in for bell. nix misses a block, foster cant get off his. dropped for no gain.

    6th play brown falls +2 yards.
    also. pringle pringle turbo turbo.

    what wrent wrong first half:
    second quarter

    carr doesnt get flag on ab in end zone. bad call.
    decastro false start….didnt see anything. bad call.
    flag against canaday in end zone. i see holding BEFORE the end zone. nothing in end zone. bad call. both tripped.

    third baltimore drive. where nonsense begins.

    first play. dupree washed out. gravewobble cant get off block. balt +5

    second play. gravewobble cant get off block. dupree washed out. davis finishes it.

    third play. SO MUCH BAD.
    sutton whiffs on tackle. dupree whiffs on tackle. tuitt whiffs on tackle spence and mitchell finishes.

    fourth play. dupree pushed out of play watt with pressure. vince williams doesnt block out the edge. first down

    fifth play. first deebo play. chickillo on left side. SO MUCH BAD.
    chickillo, walton, mitchell and williams all whiff on tackles. walton finally gets him down.

    sixth play. davis & spence whiff on tackles. balt + 4 ish.

    seventh play. davis gives up touchdown.

    third pitt drive
    bryant return attempt instead of fair catch/letting it bounce for toucback. 9 yards. smh

    first play.
    pouncey doesnt get a good block. +2 yards

    second play
    nix cant get to outside. +4 yards

    sixth play. ben sacked. hubbard and jesse and later al whiff on blocks. ben should have thrown it away.

    seventh. short pass to bryant. bad. -1 yard.

    eighth play. weddle knifes right through foster and al. ben makes an idiotic attempt to throw. almost intercepted.

    4th balt drive.
    first play. sutton about 5 yards off. balt +18 yards

    moats cant get him down. davis whiffs.heyward cant get to the edge. vince is at edge just watches.
    balt +37 yards.

    third play. balt +9 yards. sutton misses big time on blitz. dupree pushed out for the 500th time. mitchell kind of weak tackle. allen gets another 3 yards after contact.

    fourth play. gravewobble and spence give up first down.

    fifth play. SO MUCH BAD
    dupree, davis, williams all miss on blocks, sutton taken down.

    4th pitt drive.

    fourth play. ben sacked but the entire line got blown up and so did all the targets so. good playmaking by baltimore.

    fifth play. brown throws into double coverage for ab. dumb. rogers WIDE open right flat.

    “legal snap” they were going to review play but they had already snapped ball.

    seventh play. ben goes way deep for bryant. rogers, mcdonald open up underneath. YOU HAVE A TIME OUT. GO FOR OPEN GUYS and then run another play or kick it. dont go for broke.

  • david

    when is best picture for shazier to get out of hospital will it be before season is over

  • srdan

    We need to be real with ourselves the next few weeks.. This team is built on 50s playmaking ability. We were gutted of that. Our scheme needs to transition. The next few weeks will be rough. But I have full faith in this coaching staff.

  • Thomas

    So what linebacker are we going to steal off another team’s practice squad? I’m done with Spence, he’s the reason we drafted Shazier to begin with…I don’t want anyone to even suggest Moats is a legit option either.

  • MC

    If they keep Deebo off the field and leave Bud on there I will lose a lot of faith. Bud is not only invisible, he gives up big plays by not being able to set the edge or shed blocks in the run game.

  • MC

    Absolutely right guys. This offense can function much better if they spread the ball around and take the underneath stuff. Its there a lot, it’s high percentage and you have a back like Bell who can turn a checkdown into first downs and sometimes more.
    If they keep doing that then the over the top stuff will open up, its like they put the horse before the cart earlier in the year with those deep balls!

  • Thomas

    I think the play that most exemplifies the defensive game for Spence and Moats is the one where Spence gets outflanked to the corner on a flat route by their fullback for a touchdown lol

  • David Wachob

    Need to get dupree out of the lineup! Can we put a fast db at shazier’s position to compensate for lack of speed from Spence and Moats? Need a new special team’s coach as the current disaster has gone on tooooo long.