Terry Bradshaw Has ‘Absolutely No Opinion’ On Mike Tomlin

Remember the Mike Tomlin and Terry Bradshaw beef? Fun times. It’s back again, though in a much tamer version. Bradshaw, appearing on CBS’ Tiki and Tierney show Monday, was asked for his thoughts on the Steelers’ head coach.

“I give him no thought. I give him no thought,” Bradshaw said via Yahoo’s Frank Schwab. “I do not see him on the sideline and think cheerleader. I see him as the head coach and I give him no thought. He does not cross my mind at all. I have absolutely no opinion of him … I probably shouldn’t have said cheerleader, but I did, so I stand by it… but If he doesn’t like me, I couldn’t care less.”

Bradshaw later said he would not apologize for calling Tomlin a “cheerleader,” even if Tomlin called him.

The cheerleader comment is how this whole thing started last year. Here’s what he said last December.

“I don’t think he’s a great coach. At all. He’s a nice coach…he’s really a great cheerleader guy. I don’t know what he does. But I don’t think he’s a great coach at all. His name never even pops in my mind when we think about great coaches in the NFL.”

Tomlin took a thinly veiled shot back, telling reporters he grew up as a Hollywood Henderson fan. Henderson famously said Bradshaw couldn’t spell “cat” if you spotted him the first two letters.

This is much ado about nothing but it’s clear the bad blood that’s existed between Bradshaw and the franchise ever since his playing days ended still exists. Bradshaw did not attend the inaugural Hall of Honor class, citing scheduling conflicts, but that’s likely a convenient cop out. His rocky relationship with Chuck Noll is well-documented. And now, he has an ongoing feud with Tomlin.

Bradshaw recently said he has no relationship with Ben Roethlisberger, any friendship tarnished after what Bradshaw said following Big Ben’s motorcycle accident.

Ultimately, Bradshaw can spout off whatever he wants. Tomlin continues to be a success and prove those comments wrong.

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Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • Axe Skot

    Bradshaw is an egomaniac.

  • Sam Clonch

    I remember thinking that Henderson quip was just BRILLIANT. Say what you will about his coaching, but the dude is SHARP as a knife.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    who the hell cares about bradshaw at this point?

  • Alan Tman

    Terry terribly contradicts himself. He said on a Football Life that he wishes that Noll would have
    been a coach to put his arms around him and cheer him on, but then dismissed Tomlin as a cheerleading type coach. Terry needs to lay off the sauce before interviews!! LOL

  • steelersfan

    Wasn’t alive for the Steelers Super Bowls in the 70s which probably makes it easier for me to say this but I’m not a fan of Bradshaw and “give him no thought” when thinking about Steelers greats. Ben > Bradshaw.

  • SwagDaddy330

    Bradshaw has had an issue with someone in the Steelers organization for what seems to be since he retired… this is a him problem.

  • imjohnh

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

  • John Noh

    Paraphrasing Les Grossman from “Tropic Thunder”: Thank you for your service. You’re a great Steeler. Now STFU and let the man do his job.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    At this point in my life I do not care to comment about Terry Bradshaw. Just don’t care. His face as he hands the Lombardi to the Patriots says everything you need to know about him. 🤷

  • Ring4Shaz

    Maybe if Tomlin got caught in a massive cheating scandal and was fined a half-million dollars and lost draft picks, then Bradshaw and his drunk buddies would talk about him as a top head coach.

  • Ring4Shaz

    Most of us I know that were alive for the Super Bowls of the 70s feel the same way as you. Just because he wore the black and gold doesn’t mean we have to love him for life. He was not anywhere close to the best player on those teams.

  • The Chin

    He’s a horses arse

  • Surrealist

    oh look another “controversy” quote from pickled-brained Terry.

  • Steelers12


  • Jones

    C A _

  • Jason Kelley

    Terry Bradshaw was a great QB and is a huge dope.

  • Ward Holder

    MacCambridge’s bio of Chuck Noll makes it so clear that Terry didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to be treated like everyone else on the teams. Because Noll only spent MOST of his time babysitting him, he hated Noll. Now, he’s taken this on to the next generation. Tomlin’s no good. Roethlisberger’s not worth talking to. Probably no Steeler is any good. It’s O.K. to be hard on the team when they screw up, Bradshaw. But it’s pretty clear you’re still nursing a wounded ego from not being loved enough. Go find a mama, and take care of your issues.

  • Ring4Shaz

    People forget that while he was still the starting QB with the Steelers, he said he wanted to finish his career playing for Houston. Contrast that with Ben, who has repeatedly said he never wants to play for another team.
    Terry probably thinks he would have won 4 Super Bowls if Houston had drafted him, which is pure idiocy.

  • steelcityinny

    Just shut up Terry. Such an ego and says stupid stuff all at the same time. Nobody GAF what he thinks anymore.

  • Froggy

    I don’t have a degree in journalism, but “____ has absolutely no opinion on _____” doesn’t strike me as a good template for a compelling story. (But darned if I didn’t read it.)

  • blue

    Bradshaw is a hater of the current Steelers and should be banned from the premises.

  • stephena

    Terry, the fact that you responded to the question gives thought. My hope is that Coach Tomlin doesn’t feel a need to respond and ‘gives it no thought’. Because that’s what it warrants.

  • Conserv_58

    Really, Terry? I find your comment to be intellectually dishonest on your part and intellectually insulting to us fans. Your football career aside, you’re a football analyst for Fox and your job is to provide insight on NFL games. Part of that job includes having to continually do research on the status of each NFL team in order to give an informed opinion. Given that, there is no way that you could possibly enter into a discussion about the Steelers and not think about Mike Tomlin, at all. For that reason I’m calling you a bald headed liar. Dang, what a pithy, bitter man you turned out to be.

  • Jacob

    A closed mouth gathers no foot

  • Smitty 6788

    Just don’t understand Bradshaw his hate is consuming him.. Feel bad for him I was around for the 1st 4 SB loved Bradshaw then now he’s just kinda pathetic.. Smh

  • Conserv_58

    I’m old enough to have seen every SB and I appreciate Terry’s contributions in those games, but I have had little to no appreciation or respect for his post Steelers life.

  • The Chin

    Agreed. Sat in the floor at my grandfathers house in MtLebo and vividly recall him referring to Bradshaw as blockhead. He was right

  • Mark

    It’s okay to be young and dumb, but to be old and stupid is something else. Go away Bradshaw, Steeler Nation has had enough of you!

    Steeler front office, please stop inviting him to be apart of Steeler Nation and watch him cry to be involved.

  • EdJHJr

    I think he likes getting them all geeked up.

  • EdJHJr

    And he does it on purpose

  • Stairway7

    He’s becoming a bitter old man.

  • Orlysteel

    The weak can’t ever forgive, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, said Gandhi, the beef man has too many beefs with too many people.

  • Orlysteel

    He was a bitter young man.

  • snowseeker

    I feel that there are many combined elements that must be in place in order to be considered great. My thoughts are that Tomlin has many of these traits, but not all of them.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Darth Blount, can I get your opinion on Terry Bradshaw?

    “I give him no thought. I give him no thought,” Blount said via Yahoo’s Frank Schwab. “I do not see him on the morning show and think senile. I see him as the talking head and I give him no thought. He does not cross my mind at all. I have absolutely no opinion of him … I probably shouldn’t have said senile, but I did, so I stand by it… but If he doesn’t like me, I couldn’t care less.”


    I think it’s largely due to his own running off at the mouth over stuff that had to purposee. But for a guy like Bradshaw…a HOFer that really doesn’t feel comfortable with his Steeler family, the only team he ever played for, and I get the sense that they don’t really feel comfortable with him.

    That’s sad.

  • mezzetin1

    He’s a four X SB winner…

  • mezzetin1

    Well, he did a bunch of coke, got clean, and proceeded to win the lottery TWICE!!!

  • mezzetin1

    Then you miss the whole point about the blonde bomber. The Cheif dug him, and that’s good enough for me.

  • mezzetin1

    You’re mistaken. Sorely.

  • mezzetin1

    There ya go.

  • mezzetin1

    Perhaps he should take a minute or two to think of Mike Webster…

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    Who cares about Bradshaw

  • Jason Vancil

    Keep in mind, Terry Bradshaw has personal issues with men in his life that stems from his relationship with his Father. It is why Chuck Noll and he had issues. Terry desperately needs attention and validation. He has sought that validation through this game he plays with Pittsburgh and the organization. As many of his ex-teammates have said, it is ALL in Terrys head.

  • Joe

    Does anyone really believe MT is a great coach? He gets out coached because his halftime adjustments are nothing but a pep talk. His management/use of the game clock and time outs is irrational. Would you leave any opponent with one timeout and 46 seconds on the clock? His record against sub 500 and non playoffs teams is unacceptable. Is he really respected by his players? If so, the incident with AB last year would never have happened and the poor tackling and mental breakdowns wouldn’t continue to be a major problem. Steeler linebackers and secondary lead the lead in missed tackles! There is no accountability but the “standard is the standard”. He’s nothing but a puppet, a figurehead, a cheerleader. TB is crucified because he said what many of us are thinking. Good for him!!

  • Steeler fan in NE

    The statement about Tomlin’s lack of half time adjustment is just not true. Did you watch the 2nd half of the Ravens or Bengals game?

  • Cwallace

    But he keeps winning! You honestly think when the ink dries maybe10+ years from now and Tomlin has over 200 victories…any real Steelers fan will care how he got them…esp if it includes a sb win or two.oops i forgot …some will because of other things other than football than who he was as a head coach.

  • Ken Krampert

    Im guessing Tomlin doesnt give Terry much thought either.

  • Ken Krampert

    We dont win 4 Superbowls without Bradshaw. He is hof along with many others on that team. His post football career is anything but hof.

  • Jason

    What’s one have to do with the other?

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    Terry has trust issues stemming from non-sexual incidents as a child.

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    I do think Tomlin is an excellent coach. The record speaks for itself. If it weren’t for the greatest head coach / qb combo of all time in Br*dy and Bi*l, as well as arguably the greatest qb of all time in Rodgers, he would probably have 3-4 Super Bowl wins in his first decade as a coach.

  • Terrible Towel


  • HondoCogburn

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing”
    Que Bradshaw choking noise.

  • colingrant


  • Brenton deed

    Oh that’s so apt… I could bitch about “why is this article even here”… but I had to read it anyway…

    I fear TB will continue his slow, sad decline in public view…

  • jsteeler72

    The truth is the Pittsburgh fans and the coaching staff were very critical of him his first 4 years in the league. He has never forgotten and obviously never been able to forgive. He has repeatedly said that the only person who really supported him was the Chief. Watch his HOF speech it says it all. See how he addresses the Steeler fans and what he says to them. Steeler Nation was born from the Noll ERA and everything that he did. Bradshaw was a player to a Coach who was helping shape an organization. Few of those players Loved that coach but all of them seem to respect that man and what he did for the organization. Bradshaw did not like Noll and can probably never appreciate that he helped build the Steelers organization that still is a representation of his former coach. Oh I was at the game that introduced the 75 yr all time Steelers team. Bradshaw was there was the Last one introduced it was pouring rain on a Monday night game against the Ravens and when he came out the place went louder and crazier than for anyone else. He stood there in the rain pumping his fist and cheering on the Steeler fans and turned to every corner of the stadium Thanking them before he was walked off. Most of them except the Bus just waved and walked across the rainy field, even the Great Joe Greene whom I have met and Love dearly.

  • BurghBoy412

    It’s time to take Terry off the air. It’s obvious that the guy suffers from some sort of mental affliction. It’s time to put the 70’s relics on the shelf.

  • Milton Farfara

    What a shame. Bradshaw could’ve been the Prince of Pittsburgh if he wouldn’t have had that burr up his but. Instead he’s just a bitter old man. If he isn’t suffering from CTE then it’s definately dementia or early onset alzheimers.

  • Milton Farfara

    BTW did anyone else see D-Wil b!$ch slap the Good Morning Football crew? It was a thing of beauty watching them get so but hurt that they didn’t even let him finish the segment. Lol NFL Network what a joke!!!

  • Mister Wirez

    The Steelers teams were so good from 74-80 you could have plugged any decent QB in there and won the games they did…

    Bradshaw is overrated as a QB and an analyst, that I never give him one thought ever. EVER.

    Honestly, I think Terry might have a little racial problem with coach. He’s a 70+ year old from the deep South… So there’s that.

    F. Terry Bradshaw

  • Doug Andrews

    And make sure he takes his bipolar meds

  • Doug Andrews


  • MintDragon

    1. Terry says one thing to one person, another thing to others. That’s Terry.
    2. He has a long history with the Steelers, and holds a continuing grudge
    3. “But he said he put all that behind him!” — See #1

  • BurghBoy412

    Let’s face it Terry wasn’t ever going to win any awards for intelligence anyways. It’s really not surprising the he constantly makes moronic comments. I suppose you could say this about most ex football player analysts as well. I suppose in Terry’s defense he isn’t the only one.