UPMC: Steelers LB Ryan Shazier Has Now Started Physical Rehabilitation

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier remains hospitalized following his spinal stabilization surgery that he underwent last week and on Thursday UPMC released a short statement on his updated condition.

Ryan Shazier remains hospitalized at UPMC recovering from the spinal stabilization surgery performed last week by UPMC neurosurgeons and Steelers team physicians Drs. David Okonkwo and Joseph Maroon. Mr. Shazier has started physical rehabilitation as part of his recovery process. Further updates will be provided by UPMC.

It’s good to hear that Shazier is able to at least start some sort of physical rehabilitation and we’ll continue to hope and pray that he makes a full recovery from the spine injury he suffered during the first quarter of the teams Week 14 home game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Earlier this week the Steelers placed Shazier on the team’s Reserve/Injured list.

After the team’s Sunday night win over the Baltimore Ravens the team Facetimed Shazier and presented him with the game ball.

Shazier, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, had his fifth-year option picked up by the Steelers during the offseason.

  • Reader783

    Again, very cryptic messages regarding his recovery. I guess we’ll just have to wait it out to hear the full extent of his injury and recovery, but I guess we can treat this as good news. I’m no neurosurgeon, so who knows what the standard recovery is like. Good luck Ryan!

  • Grant Humphrey

    A step in the right direction for sure.

  • nutty32

    He’ll be back to running around without his shirt on in a homoerotic way in no time.

  • The Tony

    Hopefully everything goes well with no setbacks on his journey to recovery. Now is there a particular important date for the Steelers to decide what to do contractually with Shazier?

  • Dan

    Well a limited message for sure. Haven’t seen anything yet about feeling for ability to move his legs. The rehab could mean upper body movements only. Would love to hear something about ability to walk.

  • The Tony

    Hopefully everything goes well with no setbacks on his journey to recovery. Now is there a particular important date for the Steelers to decide what to do contractually with Shazier?

  • D.j. Reynolds

    Patient confidentiality rules are such that not much can be said about someone’s medical status unless they say it themselves.

  • Reader783

    While true, the fact that they told us he had surgery would have been a HIPAA violation in and of itself, so somebody is making the decision to be cryptic at least. I won’t read into it too much, but we definitely are being kept in the dark for now.

  • Jeff McNeill

    I believe, someone correct me if I am wrong, once the picked up his fifth year option it was fully guaranteed.

  • kevo

    “Paging Dr. Friedlander to the comment section. Dr. Friedlander to the comments”
    Would appreciate some educated context here before celebrating what would seem like a small win in Ryan’s road to recovery.

  • dany

    Hadn’t thought about the 5th year option, that’s huge for him if, well, things don’t go well

  • Garrett Hunt

    I think guaranteed other than injury but I very easily could be wrong

  • Sdale

    That’s a great sign.

  • John

    Correct. We can only hope for the best. But it continues to sound like if he gets feeling back and cN walk normally that would be a major achievement. Don’t see him playing football again.

  • terrygordon30

    I believe that the fifth year option is not guaranteed EXCEPT for injury.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx


  • NinjaMountie

    Hope he continues to improve. Looking forward to seeing him on the sideline again…in civies.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    PHysio is a big deal. Excellent.

  • John

    To say Ryan was in peak physical condition before the accident would be charitable; THAT is a plus of the highest order. The specialists know what to do but there are still no miracles when it comes to this. How well he responds to rehab is entirely up to him, as is “the football decision.” Bless him with the time, space, freedom and support to do that.

  • Ryan Alderman

    I’m just gonna give my opinion. These guys live very public lives and have no issue putting themselves completely out there all over social media. All I know is a lot of people are legitimately worried about this guy, it’s been a week and a half now since the injury, and no one knows if this guy can even move his legs. I think it’s s little f’ed up if you want the truth.

  • Will

    HIPAA allows a hospital to disclose the Name, Condition (one word…Fair) and general location within the facility.

    So since they are releasing this info it has to be with the permission of Ryan or whomever he has delegated that authority to. And since that is the case I am perfectly fine if Ryan wants some privacy.

  • Steve

    Sure hope your right, but this is a mans life and livelihood we are talking about.
    Get well Ryan, we are praying for you.

  • Will

    I think it’s a little f’ed up that someone has suffered a horrific injury and we can’t give them some space to deal with a very personal matter.

    We aren’t talking about a broken leg or twisted knee here. We are talking about if someone will live a normal life again. This coming from a guy that was probably the fastest person on the team going to possibly not walking again…I think it might just take me some time to come to grips with that…like maybe forever even.

    So yeah, I’d like to know as well. I appreciate that you care, which shows you’re a good person. So go the extra hard and give the man some space as well.

  • Will

    I hope you’re correct. I wonder how health insurance is dealt with after his contract is done.

  • nutty32

    I have no doubt Ryan is going to be fine in life. He may never play again, but he will have a full life with a loving family. IMO people act like he already passed away or something.

  • thechamp

    he proly done with football at this point

  • Ryan Alderman

    It’s left an intelligible impression on me as well, hard not to think about. And it’s certainly not that I’m trying to be intrusive; I just want to KNOW that he’s at least on the right path if indeed he is, that’s all. These vague updates lead me to believe otherwise unfortunately.

  • jsteeler

    I don’t like this. Does Ryan have movement in his lower extremities or not? Someone let us know something.

  • Conserv_58

    I would think that if that was the case word would have gotten out by now.

  • Rick McClelland

    Respecting Ryan’s privacy and wish him well. I think it likely that I turn on the news in a few weeks and find out he is walking into the Rooney complex. ☺

  • Conserv_58

    It’s very encouraging to see that Ryan has progressed to this stage. Right now, I only care about his long term health as it pertains to his quality of life. I continue to pray that he does regain his ability to walk unaided. Once that is achieved everything else is a plus.

  • James Lee

    That is exactly what I would like to know. Can he move his legs… wiggle his toes, that would be enlightening.

  • Jimbo

    just hoping ryan can walk again. his health and well being is no longer about playing a game. Thank you ryan shazier for proudly representing the black and gold to the best of your ability. get well and god bless you and your family.