Watch: Browns’ RB Duke Johnson Says Prayer For Ryan Shazier In Touchdown Celebration

I know Steelers’ Nation, and the rest of the league, poke a lot of fun at the Cleveland Browns. But not today. What Duke Johnson did following his second quarter touchdown is incredibly special. Scoring on a shovel pass, Johnson dropped to his knees, said a prayer, and then held up 5-0 in honor of Ryan Shazier. Take a look.

I’m not sure if there is a connection between the two players beyond the football brotherhood but wow, this is a classy and touching gesture.

Digging a little deeper, the two grew up near each other, playing high school in South Florida about 20 minutes apart. College took them to different parts of the USA, Johnson stayed in Florida to play at the U while Shazier attended Ohio State but were brought back together twice a year when the Steelers faced the Browns.

Johnson has a reputation as a good dude and hard worker, stuck on bad Browns’ teams who never utilized him the way that they should. I watched this “Mic’d Up” video on him a few weeks ago and I think it reveals some of his high character.

All the props to Duke Johnson. He took his moment of glory, finding the end zone, to share it with and for someone else. That’s as selfless as it gets.

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  • Ed Smith

    Wow! Just wow! Classy guy. Thank you Mr. Johnson!

  • Bonnie Powell

    Thank you Duke. with much respect and appreciation.

  • DirtDawg1964

    Classy guy.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Loved that! Put a tear in my eye. They all brothers in the game! #respect

  • StillersInThe6

    Classy classy gesture. Love to see division rivals set aside football in times like these and support each other. Football isn’t everything.

  • Lambert58

    Class act, Duke Johnson.

  • Ravens Team Gynecologist

    Is he a free agent this offseason? Can we have him?

  • Ravens Team Gynecologist

    Mine too.

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s pretty cool!

  • Doug Andrews

    Rispeck due!

  • heath miller

    and just another example of why the browns can go 0-100 and still be a 100 time more classy organization that the POS classless bengals even if they won the super bowl… oh thats right they have to win a playoff game to get to the super bowl.. ooops … browns forever .. bengals never … HEEEEEEEEEEEATH

  • Steel-on-Target


  • Michael Putman

    Literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Johnson, that was an amazing gesture. Much love, much respect.

  • pittfan

    Much love to you Mr. Johnson. Live long and prosper.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    watch us pick him up next year.

  • Mike

    This is awesome. Shazier has much deserved respect. Great dude and kudos to DJ and even the Baltimore organization. Life is greater than football.

  • sixnine

    respect to the max bruh!

  • NCSteel

    He gained a fan today.
    Right here brother.
    Class move.

  • Nathanael Dory

    He forever has my respect

  • Roberto Vaquero Baz├ín

    Great guy!, lastly they are all brothers!