Watch: Relive The Steelers 2004 Win Over The Patriots – Ben Vs. Brady I

How many of you remember the first time that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger faced the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady?

It happened way back in 2004, Roethlisberger’s rookie season, and specifically in Week 8. That game at Heinz Field took place on Halloween with the Steelers fresh off their bye week.

After the Patriots jumped out to a 3-0 lead, the Steelers went on to score 21 unanswered points within the final four minutes of the first quarter. They never trailed the rest of the game and Roethlisberger finished the contest with 196 yards passing on 18 completions and two touchdowns. Both of those scoring throws went to wide receiver Plaxico Burress from 47 and 4 yards out, respectively. Roethlisberger also wasn’t sacked in that game.

As for Brady, he threw for 271 yards on 25 completions in that 2004 loss to the the Steelers. Like Roethlisberger, Brady threw two touchdowns during that game but also threw two interceptions, of which one was returned 39 yards for a touchdown by cornerback Deshea Townsend at the end of the first quarter.

Later that season during the playoffs, Brady and the Patriots got their revenge on Roethlisberger and the Steelers as they beat them 41-27 in the AFC Championship game.

Since beating Brady and the Patriots in October of 2004, Roethlisberger is 2-7 against the Patriots in games that he’s started and 1-7 against them in games that Brady has started for New England.

  • Jesse Hernandez

    I remember watching this on halloween it was one of the greatest times of my life. Ben looks so young and in great shape imagin if you took care of him self like brady did. Love him as our qb but would be such a plus if we still had his mobility.

  • Andrew Fuentes

    Spygate era.

  • LifeUhhFindsAWay

    Nah. I like our QB looking like he just rolled off the sofa and drove to the game.

  • pittfan

    Bobby Layne!

  • Mutatedgenome

    Look how in shape Ben was and how quickly he gets out from underneath the center and drops back.

  • Jaybird

    Yes Ben is fat and out of shape. He barely had enough energy to throw that last bomb to put him over 500 yrds becuase he was sucking wind. Imagine if he was in shape- maybe he could throw for 700 yrds in a game.

  • Jaybird

    Yes Ben would be soooo much better if he was as mobile and could run like Carson Wentz does. By the way how is that running thing working out for Wentz lately? So what if Ben just threw for 500 yrds for the THIRD time in his career and is relatively healthy heading into the playoffs. Let’s have him running around , get hurt , and miss the playoffs.

  • Lambert58

    You can be sure that game did not sit well with Belichick.

  • Jesse Hernandez

    I said have his mobility. Not diving in between two defenders in the endzone. Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith? It was an extra attribute of his when he was drafted and had he stayed in shape he would still have it.

  • NICE!

  • Andy Boyden

    Was this the 21 and Done game?

  • Ken Krampert

    I was at that game. One of the greatest days of my life. The chant of “21 and Done” at the end of the game was deafening. I ended up at Primantis in the strip at 1am drunkenly scarfing down a double Capicola and Egg. I have chills just thinking about it……

  • Ring4Shaz

    Pats have finally tied the all-time series against the Steelers at 15 wins apiece (reg season + playoffs).

    Kind of fitting that Sunday will be the tie-breaker for the two teams as they both try to set Super Bowl records this year: wins (Pittsburgh looking for its 7th), or appearances (NE going for its 10th)

    AFC franchises that the Pats still have a losing record against: Cleveland, Miami, KC, Denver. Steelers have losing franchise records against Denver (11-19) and J’Ville (11-13).

    From 1970-1985, either the Steelers or Raiders (or both) made 15 AFCCG appearances.
    From 2001-2016, either the Steelers or Pats (or both) made 17 AFCCG appearances.
    The Pats are the new Raiders, in more ways than one.

  • Ring4Shaz

    You mean 700 yards in a half.

  • Ring4Shaz

    It sat very well with him, as he ran the camera all day long and stole the Steeler signals for the rematch in January.

  • PaeperCup

    This win was pretty significant in that it snapped the Patriots record setting 21 game win streak that went all the way back to early October of the previous season.

  • Evan Eremita

    Damn I remember that defense, we were lucky to be able to watch them every week for a few years

  • Iulo

    oh baby!!!
    that hit from Bettis to Rodney Harrison was magical…. he just saw him and went directly into him….

  • Jeff George

    I remember this game like it was yesterday! Still get chills. We kicked their ass in every phase. One of Cowher’s finest hours. Ending their 21 game win streak at Heinz.

    Then we crushed the undefeated Eagles the next week!

  • Jeff George

    Smokin coming off the bye week, so fresh, crisp and prepared! I remember that previous game, a 10 point 4th quarter come from behind road victory at Dallas.

  • Jeff George

    Polamalu SS, Taylor CB, Farrior ILB, Porter ROLB, Smith LE, Hampton NT. Great players at every level, 3-4 built to perfection.

  • Jaybird

    Jesse, Ben still moves around in the pocket incredibly well. He is still very hard to sack . He knows when to step up in the pocket or drift outside to avoid pressure. He does it week in and week out and he is one of the better QBs at doing it. You mentioned Alex Smith- he does not move around in the pocket better than Ben. Smith can run and scramble better than Ben becuase he’s much faster, but Smith does not move around in the pocket better than Ben. Believe it or not-Tom Brady who is slow as Sh*t moves around incredible well , he has great pocket awareness just like Ben.
    And you just saw a guy throw for 500 yards last week for the third time- how can you say he’s out of shape? Do you see him gasping for air ? Is he too winded to call a play in the huddle? Is he so out of breath that he can can’t audible at the line? Why do you think he’s out of shape? Becuase some fans and one author on this site say he is? I’d watch his game performance instead – it’s much more telling of just what kind of shape he’s in.

  • MattSatt

    He needs one of those right now from Tony Dungy…

  • Conserv_58

    That season saw the Steelers end Philly’s and the patriots’ winning streaks. The beating the Steelers gave the patriots that day was a dominating performance, with a rookie QB no less. The Steelers defense layed the smack down on Brady and company.

  • Conserv_58

    Harrison looked like he got hit by a Bus.

  • Conserv_58

    If there is one thing that I have had against Ben is the fact that he hates to work out in the off season. IMO, if he had the drive and self discipline to get his body in good shape in the off season it would pay huge dividends in his energy level, his overall strength, his stamina and his ability to better absorb hits.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Probably my favorite Steeler season to watch even though we didn’t finish with an SB.

    It is interesting to go back and see that game and also think about that season compared to this one now. In 2004 we felt so dominant and like we were destined to go all of the way and this year 11-2 feels more like 8-5 given the way we have been winning.

    I guess it is a good reminder that it really doesn’t matter how you get to the playoffs but what you do once you are in them. 15-1 didn’t get us to the SB but 11-5 did the following season.

  • capehouse

    Surprised you didn’t mention this was the “21 and done” game. We beat the Pats 21 game winning streak. We also beat the undefeated Eagles the next week. What a great season this was.

  • Jaybird

    Just last year there were articles on Ben and how he was finally healthy enough in the offseason to do a lot of cardio and how he lost 10-15 lbs.
    -Conserv – point out one time in a game where Ben had “low energy” levels.
    -show me a game where A lack of stamina affected a two minute drill.
    -Show me D linemen who doesn’t say Ben is the hardest guy to bring down because of his size and strength.
    – show me another QB who absorbs as many hits and as many BIG hits as well as Ben does.
    Please don’t take this the wrong way , but I can’t believe Steeler fans are questioning Ben’s strength and his ability to absorb hits.

  • Mr. KnowItAll

    Got chills watching that…thats awesome

  • Matt

    Until the patriots stomped us in the AFC Championship game. I hate the Patriots. Baltimore and Cincy are rivals. I respect Baltimore as a rival. Cincy not so much. But I hates me some Patriots.

  • Roberto Vaquero Bazán

    In 2004 In back to back games Ben defeated The Pats and then The Eagles and both teams were undefeated at The time. Good old memories of that 2004 season!

  • ryan72384

    I remember Desheas pick 6 so clearly. I was screaming my head off. Pats ran into an absolute buzzsaw that day. Didn’t Plax have another long catch that he was basically walking in for a TD but he fumbled with no one around him????

  • Ishkabibble

    Poor Pittsburgh..

  • Jesse Hernandez

    We have watched him all year try and scramble! When you watch those plays you honestly tell yourself hes in great shape? In the video watch how he was under center and how the play action was. He cant do that anymore and Le’Veon is always having to run from a shotgun position. I love his pocket passing its incredible but ben is definitely overweight.

  • Jaybird

    Ok this is a new one – Ben is too fat to run play action. Just say that out loud . Doesn’t that sound completely ridiculous? Jesse you have a HOF QB leading an 11-2 NUMBER ONE seed . Enjoy him . Stop believing this false narrative that he’s lazy , fat , unmotivated , and a bad leader. Did you see how many times he got the Ravens to show where their blitz was coming and changed protection. He is totally manipulating defenses right now. He put up 500 yards against the frigging Ravens for crying out loud! The Ravens! Just enjoy the the guy and how well he’s currently playing. Stop worrying about his love handles or the wrinkles on his face or whatever it is you guys can’t stand about him. He’s playing lights out again.

  • Jesse Hernandez

    I appreciate the hell out of him. He is the most important player on our team and i agree he’s playing lights out. I totally dig the aaron rodgers presnap

  • Jesse Hernandez

    Fakes*. Its just an addition to his arsenal.

  • Jaybird

    No, Rodgers does the BEN PRE SNAP. Lol.
    Enjoy the game Jesse and GO STEELERS!!!

  • Jesse Hernandez

    I enjoyed the game even with the outcome :. Ben was amazing even with the failure at the end. Still feels like this is our year.

  • Jaybird

    We will get them in January. No doubts