2017 NFL Wildcard Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all yinz once again and welcome to Wildcard weekend.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers on a playoff bye this week, we can now look forward to watching four Wildcard games in relative peace. We’ll know by Sunday evening whether or not the Steelers will host the Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, or Tennessee Titans a week from Sunday in the Divisional Round.

Even though the Steelers were on a bye this week, the team still had a dose of drama thanks to offensive coordinator Todd Haley being involved in a New Year’s Eve incident at the Tequila Cowboy. Personally, I’m not sure I could correctly recite all of the mini dramas the Steelers have had this season and in order in less than two minutes. Here’s to hoping that the Haley incident is the final one for at least this season.

As usual, I have five questions for you to answer in the comment section below on this quiet Friday evening. I also added a bonus question this week.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and make sure to look for our Wildcard round discussion threads on the site starting Saturday.

Peace and love, peace and love and Go Steelers!

1 – Assuming the Steelers ultimately make it to the Super Bowl in a few more weeks, which one of the 6 NFC playoff teams do you think would provide them the steepest competition in Minnesota? (Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Panthers, or Falcons)

2 – Will Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak land a head coaching job this offseason?

3 – How many total points will be scored in all four Wildcard playoff games this weekend? The closest to the actual number without going over receives 10 points and second place gets 5.

4 – Do you view the Friday morning ESPN story about the New England Patriots as being a major distraction for them, a minor distraction, or no distraction at all? Also, if you read the story, share your main takeaway from it.

5 – With the regular season now over, would you give Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell the $14.54 million franchise tag during the offseason even if you knew ahead of time that no contract extension would ultimately be signed and that he would holdout all of training camp and the preseason just as he did this year?

Bonus – Who wins the National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia?

Recap last week’s Friday night questions per David Orochena:

Question 1 – Over 74% of respondents (23 of 31) believe the team should NOT have cut James Harrison after his second request around Week 8. The reasoning is that he had been paid a guaranteed salary and was insurance in case of injury. This saga will continue to be debated. Though a growing number want to move on.

Question 2 – Cam Sutton and Brian Allen were the two back-up players we were most excited to see play. Both got 9 votes. Sutton only got 3 defensive snaps but that was enough to gain his admirers a point. Brian Allen was limited to special teams only so no points for his supporters. Others voted for Landry Jones (6), Stevan Ridley (5), Anthony Chickillo (1) & Josh Dobbs (1). All got a point except for Josh Dobbs who did not get to play.

Question 3 – The Ravens were the team that 14 folks thought had the best chance of beating the Patriots. Another 8 thought the Chargers with Philip Rivers were. All were wrong. If the Chiefs beat the Titans this weekend; the 8 folks that picked them will get a point.

Question 4 – The Steelers were over 4.5 with 6 sacks. Only 11 folks got this right.

Question 5 – Landry Jones only had one TD pass against the Browns so was under 1.5. Even less people – only 7 got this right. 24 folks took the over.

With the end of the regular season a lot of results came in from previous weeks:

Week 1: Jesse James played in 81.92% of offensive snaps compared to 24.5% by Vance McDonald. 13 got a point for picking James to play more. Chris92021 got a point for being closest to percentage of snaps played. Steeler-Drew & Kevin Schwartz got points for predicting that Heyward, Tuitt, Hargrave & Alualu would combine for 21 sacks. Also, 11 folks predicted the Patriots 13-3 record while 13 predicted the Steelers 13-3 record. There are two more points to be won for this week. Many predicted a Steelers vs Patriots AFC championship – we’ll find out who was right soon.

Week 9: Ben ended up with 18 TD passes and 5 INT’s in last eight games of season. Reader783 & Larry Kraus pegged the TD count while 19 folks got the INT number right. 16 folks also predicted a 7-1 Steelers 2nd half season record.

Week 10: 15 people correctly predicted that Cam Heyward would lead the team in sacks in the last half of the season (two only get half credit since they picked two players). Eight predicted that it would be 7 sacks. Also, Ben’s TD & INT’s was a repeat question. Reader783 picked up another point on Ben’s 18 TD’s and 9 folks the INT number.

So, all previous weeks have been tallied up with just Weeks 1, 12 & 17 having answers still to be determined.

Leaderboard after Week 17:

1st Place – Alan Tman with 38.5 points

2nd Place – Darth Blount 47 with 36.5 points (back point surge within 2 of lead)

3rd Place – DirtDawg1964 with 35 points (on Darth’s heels)

4th Place – Jeff McNeil with 33.5 (McNeil up 8 spots in 2 weeks!)

5th Place – (tie) Marcel Chris Chauvet & Josh Cummings with 32.5 points

7th Place – (tie) Reader783, SJT63 & LucasY59 with 32 points

10th Place – Chris92021 with 31.5 points

11th Place – Matt Manzo with 31 points

12th Place – Pittfan with 30 points

13th Place – (tie) heath miller & Jaybird with 29.5 points

15th Place – Phil Brennenman II with 29 points

16th Place –  J. with 27.5 points

17th Place – NONAME with 27 points

18th Place – Kevin Schwartz with 26.5 points

19th Place – Beaver Falls Hosiery with 25 points

20th Place – Ted Webb with 24.5 points (Welcome to the leaderboard)

Dropped off leaderboard for now: Michael Mosgrove (21.5), SkoolHouseRoxx (24), & PaeperCup (20)

Wes Lee (22.5) & JohnB (22.5) almost there.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    1. In order of most to least challenging, I’d say Rams, Vikings, Saints, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons
    2. No. But I think he could land one in another year.
    3. 183
    4. Internally, I think it’s more of a distraction than they’ll let on. Because they pride themselves on being tight-lipped, I think it bothers them that internal matters (even exaggerated ones) are getting out. My main takeaway is the possibility of Belichick leaving the Pats due to ownership interference. That would send shockwaves through the league.
    5. Yes, I would. Bell is way too much of a difference-maker, especially if Ben sticks around. If Connor is the future (and I’m not sure yet he is), I doubt he’s ready for the featured role right away. If he’s not, the Steelers have too many other draft needs (LB, S, TE) to spend a high pick on their next top running back.

    *BONUS: Georgia

  • Chris92021

    1. Saints

    2. No. I believe Arizona will end up going with John DeFlippo or Frank Reich.

    3. 212 total in those 4 games

    4. I see it as a major distraction. If it wasn’t, the Patriots would not have released that statement today addressing it. Watch for ESPN to run with this all next week and Belichick just rolling his eyes and Brady getting snippy during their pressers. However, no one will find Bob Kraft for a comment. It’s good to be the owner.

    5. Absolutely yes. I don’t care if he never plays another preseason game for the Steelers as long as he plays at least 16 more regular season games and at least 6 more playoff games in Steelers’ black and gold.

    Bonus: Georgia. It’s their time.

    Enjoy the weekend, y’all and relax for once!! We don’t have to play this weekend!! Thank goodness!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. Eagles (point if your selection makes it)

    2. No. Selfish wishful thinking on my part. (no points)

    3. 86 points: KC 24 Ten 21 and JAX 21 Buf 20 (Bills kicker misses a 47-yard attempt with 8 seconds left). Big stakes on this one per Dave Bryan’s scoring criteria.

    4. This “story” is a collaboration between ESPN, NFL & the Patriots to improve their Q rating; nothing more.

    5. Yes. This was within the amount the Steelers had offered him last year.(no points)

    Bonus: Alabama (1 point)

  • SJT63

    1. The Vikings or the Rams
    2. No
    3. 161
    4. No distraction. My takeaway was that it was probably no more than a headline-grabbing combination of guesswork and BS.
    5. Yes, in a heartbeat.
    Bonus. I know zilch about college football and care even less, but will say Georgia for the hell of it.

  • SJT63

    Q3 is the total of all four games isn’t it?

  • J.

    1. The Saints (they are the team to beat in the NFC and I felt this even before Wentz went down)
    2. Yes
    3. 177 in the 4 games
    4. Minor Distraction.
    5. Yes
    Bonus: Alabama (are you kidding after the beat down they gave Clemson no way they are coming up short)

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    yes; I forgot about the NFC. Thanks!

  • heath miller

    1 eagles still
    2 no way 0.00%
    3 176 points
    4 0.01% only slightly higher then munch getting a HC job
    5 yes give it
    bonus .. hope GA wins it for my all time fav player Hines Ward.. but Bama will win easily ROLL TIDE

  • Spencer Krick

    I’m pretty sure I’m the worst person at answering these questions, but I’ll continue anyway!

    1. I don’t think this team has an answer for Gurley, so give me the Rams.
    2. Nope, I think he stays with the Steelers.
    3. 142
    4. For what was pumped up as a bombshell, it was pretty tame. I don’t think things will change one way or the other because of this story.
    5. *heavy sigh* Yeah, I’d give him his money. He’ll be an asset for years to come, especially with a new QB in the next few years.
    Bonus: The machine that is Alabama.

    Have a good weekend!

  • DirtDawg1964

    1. Rams would be most challenging. Followed by Saints, Vikings, Panthers, Eagles and Falcons.
    2. I hope not. So I will say no.
    3. 174
    4. I hope it’s a distraction but I’m thinking this actually galvanizes them.
    5. In a heartbeat.

    BONUS: ‘Bama. Roll Tide.

    And my appearance on the leaderboard tells you this is more about consistently answering questions than it is about anything else. At least for me it is. 😏

    Great exercise all year long. A lot of fun. Thanks for pulling it together.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Can I get any lower?
    1. Saints
    2. No
    3. 156
    4. Minor distraction. They are 13-3. I will say if they don’t win in the postseason then that dynasty is over.
    5. No. I franchise him to get a deal done. You want him in training camp. You want him in preseason!
    Bonus: Roll Tide

  • Ted Webb

    1. Saints are only team I fear falcons close 2nd
    2. No
    3. 177 total points
    4. Minor distraction for pats because they might be asked a few questions. But to me it’s major this type of stuff never gets leaked to the public from the Pats. Not saying it’s all true but I’m thinking some of this stuff is accurate. Why would they trade Bursett to Colts then turnaround and trade jimmy g
    5. Yes yes yes he’s an all-Pro this year he’s worth every dime. We talking about practice lol. Love AB but Bell is a difference maker running and catching and definitely when Ben retires we’re going to need this guy for a young QB in the years to come. Just pay the man.

    Bonus. Alabma the D is no joke.

  • PSUSixtyFiveSixtySeven

    1. In order of most to least challenging: Eagles, Panthers, Falcons, Vikings, Rams, Saints
    2. Yes
    3. 193
    4. Minor, because of Belichick won’t let it become major. I respect Belichick even more and Brady even less and hope that the NY Giants offer Belichick a way to exit the Patriots right after they lose to Kansas City next weekend.
    5. I think that it really hurt the Steelers that Bell held out this year. While he has had a ver good year, it would have been better. if the option includes Bell holding out again, they should find a way to trade him so as to get the most out of him that they can, even if the most is zero. This has nothing to do with him playing pre-season game, its about preparation and practice. Not pre-season games, Same with Martavius and anyone else who doesn’t want to be on the team. It simply takes too much energy to get folks to do their best when they don’t even want to be with you and disgruntled. Cash in the the Prima Donnas.

    Bonus: Central Florida… The current playoff system is a sham.

  • Jason Campbell

    1) Saints, Rams, (Eagles #1 if Wentz healthy)
    2) no
    3) 190
    4) won’t affect their play so irrelevant
    5) I would, surprising myself
    Georgia- too many athletes (my Sooners got outcoached at the end)

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. Saints, no debate. That offense is WAY too scary given our defenses penchant for big plays.

    2. Gonna follow my heart and say no. Really want him back. He just feels like a Steelers coach

    3. 196

    4. No distraction and my main takeaway is that it is probably no distraction.

    5. My answer depends on the rest of the roster. If you still have Ben I would be okay moving on and using the money to better the defense. If you are riding with Jones, or Dobbs, or a draftpick you need Bell to help that transition. It is just way too much money for an RB IMO. He is no doubt the best in the league but dang.

    Bonus -Bama

  • GravityWon

    1 – Panthers – Cam is tough to contain

    2 – No. He will turn down an offer from a lousy organization.

    3 – 186

    4 – No distraction (fake news)
    Belichick is probably pleased. He won’t need to dodge any well thought out questions which could divulge their plans.

    Part of Belichick probably did want to keep Jimmy G over Brady. 10+ years remaining in his career vs a couple for Brady. However it was a minor dispute which they’ve already gotten over.

    5 – Yes.
    He has been a workhorse and very professional since the season began. I’m opposed to most guys skipping camp but he is an elite player who needs to be healthy for playoffs.

    Reason #1:. His pass blocking has been excellent.
    Reason #2:. Receiving threat which LBs & safeties have to respect.
    Reason #3:. There are other needs requiring a high draft pick such as LBs and safeties.

    Bonus – Alabama – been there

  • Jeff McNeill

    1) saints
    2) no
    3) 143
    4) none
    5) no
    I live in Athens, if I picked anyone but UGA I would fear for my life.

  • WreckIess

    1. The Rams.
    2. Nope
    3. 176
    4. No distraction and it was a non story compared to how it was presented.
    5. Absolutely

    Bonus: Bama.

  • DoctorNoah

    1. Saints. We can’t stop the run and we definitely can’t stop Alvin Kamara right now.
    2. No
    3. 181
    4. Minor distraction. Thankfully they don’t care and have the week off. They could be completely dysfunctional and still beat almost every team in the NFL.
    5. Totally yes. Without a doubt. I was going to say it depends whether Big Ben retires but it really doesn’t. Connor isn’t a big league RB, there’s no one we’re going to pick up in free agency, and no one close to his talent that we could pick up for less. Would love for him to sign a long term deal though.

  • Jaybird

    1) Vikings
    2) no
    3) 201
    4) minor distraction.
    5) yes
    6) roll tide

  • Kevin Schwartz

    1) Man, I dunno. 2-6 I feel like there’s not a ton of distinction in quality. Maybe Atlanta’s the weakest, but they’re all good but beatable. If I had to choose one I think New Orleans. With their running game, and Drew Brees, they’re a pretty complete team. Also, I could see Kamara running wild on us and Latimore might be able to have some success against Brown, I guess.

    2) His track record doesn’t seem that strong. I don’t know much about it, but my inclination is to think he’s a better coordinator than head coach. I’ll say no.

    3) 169.

    4) If it’s legit, minor. They’re disciplined enough that they’ll get through it. Long-term, it’s a pretty big deal. Belichick didn’t want to get rid of JG, and Brady was basically giddy when he got traded because there was no competition. Logically, you knew it couldn’t last forever, but this was the first thing I’ve read that would indicate how it could happen.

    It was also interesting that it seemed to indicate he gave JG to SF because he wanted him to succeed and thought he would under Shanahan. Doesn’t seem like something he would do.

    I don’t know what his contract situation is, but it’s the first time I thought that Belichick could end his career somewhere other than New England.

    Having said all that, it’s entirely possible that it was overblown. It wasn’t well-sourced, but it was a credible story that made sense. And, as someone on Around the Horn said, NE is so tight-lipped that it’s not that surprising they couldn’t find anyone to go on record.

    5) Yeah. If he comes back (especially if Ben is there), you’re paying him for later in the season and the playoffs. Who cares if it takes him a few games to get started.

    Bonus: Alabama, but that’s based mainly on reputation.

  • Riverstko

    1. Saints
    2. No
    3. 190
    4. Major distraction
    5. Yes
    B. Georgia

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    32nd out of 139 ain’t horrible

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    You’re in 21st – if you get number 3. right then you’ll skyrocket with 10 points.

  • Alan Tman

    1 Vikings
    2 No
    3 129
    4 Major, because the report came out of SF that the 49ers initially were trading for TB12.
    5 I would if they win the Superbowl, and I wouldn’t if we don’t.
    6 Alabama

  • Alan Tman

    So what’s up with the 10 pointer? Wow That’s taking the field over the leaders. Lol

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The call came straight from Las Vegas. Think of it this way; if you peg that question; your lead will be nearly insurmountable.

  • Alan Tman

    Yeah I figured that.

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy Friday! Can’t believe I fell from 6 to 11! I gotta get back in the top 5!

    1: Rams. We always play bad against good 4-3 Dlines.

    2: No. I think he’ll be picky about the next HC job. And he’ll wanna play somewhere that plays the Titans regularly!

    3: 145

    4: I think it’s a minor distraction. Unless Jimmy G comes out and goes all Dupree on Brady! Then it’ll be a big deal.
    My biggest take away is that Brady seems like more of a baby than I thought! He really does seem like a spoiled little rich kid.

    5: Yes! I’d be fine with taking him for another ride! Conner needs more time, and it would free up a draft pick for the D.

    Bonus: Alabama. They look pissed off!

  • Steeldog22

    Falcons then Saints. Not worried about the rest



    No distraction. All marriages have their rough spots. You need to work at it or move on.

    Yes and may prefer it. I know. Blasphemy.

    Georgia. Can’t root for college’s version of New England and Belichick.

  • Alan Tman

    I have a 1 out of 139 chance to do that. That screams anybody but me can win.

  • Matt Manzo

    Totally! Last season I missed one week and fell all the way to the bottom! You gotta be on it to be in the race! Even guessing on one answer can come back and bite you!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Don’t live in your fears.

  • LucasY59

    1. Vikings (if they get a home field SB that could be a problem) I know the week 2 win seemed easy (but they were going through a QB transition at the time, and their D is what worries me, if they hit Ben they have the Secondary to capitalize on his mistakes) Ben also seems to historically play poorly against the iggles and honestly any of the NFC teams have a shot of making it to the SB, but I also am not that worried about any of them and the biggest hurdle to #7 is the hateriots

    2. No, I dont think he is that interested in being a HC (but I think he has earned another shot at leading a team if thats what he wants to do) I think winning a SB is more enticing to him and trying to rebuild a team is not going to give him a shot at competing for a ring anytime soon

    3. 177 (NFC games could be high scoring, so Im probably low)

    4. Minor distraction (wish it were major) i could totally see there being some issues between the egos over there, and I dont believe them saying its a non-issue

    5. I think it depends on Ben’s decision to play or not, I would probably tag him either way, but would use the non-exlusive tag and see if they can get some extra 1st rd picks out of the deal, I dont see Bell sticking around long term (he just wants too much $ for them to be able to afford him) and if he is tagged I wouldnt be suprised if he holds out like he did last yr (but he might return a bit earlier since the beginning of the season was a little rough for him, without any pre-season)

    Bonus: Bama will probably win (but I would rather see GA beat em, last yr was better when Clemson won, having Bama always in it is pretty boring…I wouldve liked to see Ohio St get that 4th spot just so it wouldnt be Bama in it every yr…definitely think they should expand to a 8 team playoff)

  • Defender 4040

    1. In order of most to least challenging, I’d say Saints, Rams, Vikings, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons
    2. No. He will not get a job this year..
    3. 146
    4. Smokescreen only. It will not detract the Patriots. They are machine.
    5. Yes, I would. But if Ben retires, then it depends on who replaces him.

    *BONUS: Alabama

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Just a reminder; cutoff for point scoring is 4:35 PM est Saturday (Tenn/KC kickoff).

  • pittfan

    1. Saints, Vikes, Rams, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons.
    2. Nope. I think he’s happy where he’s at.
    3. 176
    4. Minor distraction. For the first time we are hearing publicly that Bellicheck is considering “life after Brady”. Hopefully this balkanizes the locker room. If I’m game planning against them I’m dialing up big time pressure to get to him early and often.
    5. Yes. I would go back to the drawing board to see if I could come up with a deal that provides LB close to the $$ he’s looking for but also the SECURITY of a longer term deal.
    Bonus: Hard to pick. Georgia has surprised me as far more explosive than previously thought. Bama’s D did a number on Clemson…..hmmmm. I pick Bulldogs by 3.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Number 1 is in order?

  • pittfan

    Yes, in descending order of difficulty.

  • pittfan

    #3 is the big tuna.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) Vikings. When we beat them in week 2 we were at home and Keenum was starting his first game after being a backup all preseason. If we play them in the Superbowl, it’ll be at their home.

    2) I’ve only heard of Arizona being interested in him. Odds are against him, but I’m gonna say yes. Arizona loves Pittsburgh assistants.

    3) 179

    4) My main takeaway was the author mentioning how Belichick and Goodell have become good friends. It was subtle, so you may have not noticed it. This does not bode well for anyone, especially the Steelers. I don’t care if it sounds paranoid, I’ve seen the Patriots have 4 controversial calls that were replayed go their way this year. 3 of them involved the catch rule and at least 2 of them decided the game.

    5) Ya I’d tag him. I think it might be a great way to have him sit out camp and not show favoritism. He seemed a lot healthier this year than I can ever remember. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

    Bonus: Alabama

  • kakello34

    1. Saints
    2. No
    3. 151
    4. Minor distraction
    5. Yes if Ben comes back. No if Ben retires
    Bonus: Georgia

  • NCSteel

    Minor annoyance


  • Josh Cummings

    1. Saints get the slight edge – QB play matters. And now that Brees has his best RB tandem (maybe ever??) paired with a stud WR in Michael Thomas. They also have some nice pieces on defense and can make splash plays on both sides of the ball.

    Vikings would be next. The defense, the feel of Home field, a very effect Case Keenum(this time around).

    2. No.. there may be other ‘2nd Chance’ coaches ahead of him…. and it is a copy cat league. Teams will want the next McVay or Shanahan.

    3. 155 points

    4. No, not much of a distraction at all. They have dealt with bigger, and jumped out in front of this with a “joint statement”. I read the story and was hoping for something juicier. I’ve read many previous articles on TB12 and his trainer previously… so nothing really shocking there… Already new TB12 was a nut job. My BIGGEST takeaway came later in the day. I was very interested in the Jimmy G trade when it happened because it seemed like the perfect Belichick plan to keep him. I listen to The Ringer podcast every week and Michael Lombardi was adament all season they would not trade him because they knew what they had. He admitted he was shocked by the move, and found it interesting himself that much of the ‘scathing story’ yesterday revoled around that. Ultimately…. i dont think this is going to affect them. Hope i am wrong though.

    5 – Abosolutely would. I think someone would end up paying him at least that on open market… so def. lock him in for 1 more season. Allows us to draft another replacement too.

    Bonus- ROLL TIDE!!!

  • Michael Mosgrove

    side note. had to take a 2 week break from the after the pats game thats why i wasnt on here contributing to the questions.

    1 – Assuming the Steelers ultimately make it to the Super Bowl in a few more weeks, which one of the 6 NFC playoff teams do you think would provide them the steepest competition in Minnesota? (Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Panthers, or Falcons)

    id say eagles. we are even worse vs the eagles than the pats.

    2 – Will Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak land a head coaching job this offseason?

    hope not. but im going to say no.

    3 – How many total points will be scored in all four Wildcard playoff games this weekend? The closest to the actual number without going over receives 10 points and second place gets 5.


    4 – Do you view the Friday morning ESPN story about the New England Patriots as being a major distraction for them, a minor distraction, or no distraction at all? Also, if you read the story, share your main takeaway from it.

    no distraction to everyone else. minor to NE.
    kraft is an idiot.

    5 – With the regular season now over, would you give Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell the $14.54 million franchise tag during the offseason even if you knew ahead of time that no contract extension would ultimately be signed and that he would holdout all of training camp and the preseason just as he did this year?

    no. not unless we restructure one of the huge contracts like ab or ben. not enough space.

    Bonus – Who wins the National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia?


  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    understandable. If you get # 3 right you’ll be right back in the thick of it. Did you answer 5 & the bonus?

  • Michael Mosgrove

    yes bama and no on bell unless big contracts restructured.

  • pittfan

    bumped points to 210. the fur is gonna fly in NFC.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    got it.

  • 1.) Perhaps the Vikings due to their defense, but it could also be the Rams due to their running game. Either would make for an entertaining matchup, bringing back memories of super bowls past.

    2.) No. He’ll be right where he is now.

    3.) 190

    4.) I didn’t read about it. I only read the headlines. I’m so sick of that organization. I won’t read anything more about them. Whatever it is, it probably won’t be a distraction at all, but I sure do hope it is.

    5.) His numbers are a bit down this season, but they’re still great numbers.I believe that’s due to him missing training camp and the preseason, but he is back to 100% and has been for a while. If we win the super bowl and he plays a big role in that game, then I guess him holding-out once again wouldn’t be a big deal. If I had it my way, I’d try my hardest to sign him to a long-term deal.

  • Spencer Krick

    That’s. . . significantly better than I thought. Thanks!

  • Darth Blount 47

    1. I look at this question in a few ways. Because we can’t just transport a team there, that means the team we face will have had to EARN their way to the SB. So that ultimately adds an interesting thought-element to the answer.

    The Falcons are all sizzle and no steak. We could run all over them.
    The Panthers are all steak with no sizzle. We could pass all over them and they have few receiving weapons.
    The Vikings, while solid, and the HOME team, have been beaten by us this year already.
    The Eagles, who are very good on D, almost impossible to run on, with great TE’s, have a shaky Foles.
    The Rams are interesting, have weapons, Aaron Donald, and a feisty Secondary, but Goff vs. Big Ben??
    The Saints have a CB in Lattimore to shadow Brown, 2 excellent RB’s, a stable of different WR’s, are a dome team used to the faster track, a good kicker, a smart coach, and a veteran HOF QB, with a ring.

    The Saints are the answer. Though their path to the SB is a difficult one. So though I may ultimately not get the point, since they may not be able to run their gauntlet, if they did, and they matched up with us, I’d expect a GREAT Super Bowl challenge.

    2. No. (crosses fingers, toes, and anything else that would provide enough luck to make it not happen).

    3. 10 points?! 10 POINTS?! Holy crud… this is like the Showcase Showdown. “Closest to the actual retail price WITHOUT going over.” I’m filing an official protest with the league office. Get me Al Riveron on the phone. Oh, wait…..

    Uh. Umm. Uh. Err. Uhmm. I guess…. 161. (I think the total will be higher — but it’s a strategic guess)

    4. A minor distraction. I just think it provides a glimpse behind the curtain. That “Camelot” isn’t idyllic.
    My biggest takeaway in general, was how happy I was to read the turmoil. Total schadenfreude. My biggest article takeaway was my feeling that Brady and Belichick aren’t particularly friendly or fond of each other. It’s STRICTLY a business relationship, whether by design/necessity or by nature. Winning likely cured essentially all of the ills. Which is fine. But NOT what people on the outside likely believed, when in their minds, they pictured those two and the legacy they’ve both built. Belichick is closer to Noll than say, Walsh.

    5. Absolutely. Unequivocally. Positively. Yes.

    Bonus: I think the Georgia football story this season is more compelling than some realize. Lot’s of great storylines. Underrated D that had a tough time with Oklahoma because EVERYONE has a tough time with that Ok O. Should be interesting because it is Irresistible Force (Ga RB’s) vs. Immovable Object (Bama Front 7). Give me the FORCE. Georgia wins.

  • Darth Blount 47

    I agree. I think awarding 10 points is a trave-sha-mockery. It takes away from all of us who have put in the work, coming every single week, to answer the questions.

    Though, I’m going to take Beav’s advice and NEVER live in my fears. That’s good advice. Almost as good as “Avoid the Clap” – Signed Jimmy Dugan.

    I’d file an official protest, but I assume my plea would just be heard by Al Riveron. So….

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    In with 27 minutes to spare.

    BTW – sociopaths can mimic friendliness or fondness they just don’t feel it.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    abstinence is the best protection but there’s no thrill in that.

  • Darth Blount 47

    I entertained waiting till 4:34, but with a last minute internet malfunction, I’d be SOL. And then I’d have had to beg you, and I get my knees dirty enough on the regular as it is.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    You mistake me for Al Riveron.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The Window is closed.

  • Alan Tman

    I concur with number 3.

  • Alan Tman

    Al’s in Vegas!! LOL