Jeff Reed To Host Steelers Party At IUP (This Is A Very Bad Idea)

Lot of tension, lot of drama in Steelers’ Nation over the season, this week included. We need to loosen up that collar and have a couple laughs, yes? So here’s a good one. Jeff Reed is hosting a Pittsburgh Steelers’ party the day before his former team takes on the Jacksonville Jaguars. He sent out this tweet two days ago.

As the tweet indicates, clearly designed by a 5th grader, it’ll take place in Indiana, PA and go into early Sunday morning.

Reed has had…let’s say some issues with partying in the past. Most of you know about his adventures at Sheetz, punching a paper towel dispenser in 2009. He was cited with disorderly conduct for the damage.

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who reported on the charges at the time.

“State police said Mr. Reed, 29, was in the restroom of the convenience store on Route 22 in New Alexandria at 2:50 a.m. when he began “banging on something” and making loud noises.

He then “used profane language towards a Sheetz employee stating that there were no towels in the restroom,” police said.

“Reed continued using profane language in a loud manner outside the store. Reed caused damage to a towel dispenser as he was infuriated at the fact that there were no towels in it,” according to police.”

So let’s hope this place has plenty of paper towels to spare.

Reed, to his credit, was an excellent kicker for the Steelers who spent nine years with the team. He still ranks second in franchise history in field goals made and points scored and figures to stay there for quite some time.

The eagle-eyed Ashley Chase took this snapshot of the bar Reed will be hosting the event at.

She’s also done the Lord’s work by pointing out the nearest Sheetz locations nearby.

Obviously, I’m sure – or at least hoping – all goes without incident this time around. I think IUP is still on break, that’s definitely a good thing. And hey, if you’re in the area and want to see a former Steeler, go for it. If something goes down, drop us a line: 

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Alex Kozora
Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    He’s still no Prater Party Train

  • Chris92021

    This is not gonna end well lol

  • James Miles

    This is a bad idea. I met that drunk on the Steeler’s cruise and he made a complete ass of himself in Cozumel at Fat Tuesdays. Hope they have the Po Po on standby.

  • Alex Kozora

    Well you gotta spill some details, James.

  • JNick

    In related news, Alameda Ta’amu is hosting a Steelers party/drag racing event on the SouthSide Sunday.

  • Gizmosteel

    the only bar fight I’ve ever been in ocuured there. Best 4 years of my life!

  • Alex Kozora

    Can’t wait for Limas Sweed’s “so you think you can catch?” competition.

  • Alex Kozora

    haha, you crazy IUP’ers.

  • NCSteel

    My Dad does not live far from there.
    I don’t think I’ll be sending the old man out there unless he brings his own supply of towels.
    Can’t be too careful when it comes to Reed.
    Hair trigger man, hair trigger.

  • James Miles

    We were at Fat Tuesdays and he and his possy jump on a stage to dance with some Bachelorett hotties from Miami. It was all good until they starting pealing off clothing and I am not talking about the hotties. He has really let himself go. He has the biggest man boobs I have ever seen. And he let everyone know that AB was nothing because he had 2 SB rings and AB had 0.

  • NCSteel

    If he does spill, what happens if there are no towels ????

  • John Noh

    LMAO. I was going to say something about Senor Sack and driving schools but…

  • Alex Kozora


  • NCSteel

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!
    Aw man, thats a great story James !
    You shoulda got pix !!

  • Alex Kozora


  • Gizmosteel

    Fortunately I made something of my life afterwards…and no rehab required either ; )

  • NCSteel

    You’re on fire Alex !!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Jason Vancil

    You would have to explain who Senor Sack was to these kids around here.

  • John Noh

    Good point. Senor Sack was not Dan Marino but could have been.

  • Alex Kozora

    Whewwwwwwwwwww John, you’re not holding back.

  • Alex Kozora

    As a Clarion alum, I salute you.

  • Ray Istenes

    Would hate to be a paper towel dispenser.

  • Jones

    I feel like there’s a Brawny endorsement for him in here somewhere…

  • Steeldog22

    I think I’m most surprised that Jeff Reed had a posse.

  • LifeUhhFindsAWay

    Wonder if Todd Haley will be in attendance.

  • James Miles

    That’s right, you went to Clarion. I did as well. Why don’t you host a Steeler’s Party at the Tavern or the Loomis? I would show up for that.

  • James Miles

    No. But his wife will be there.

  • Ring4Shaz

    I remember before the Steelers signed Boswell to kick when people (including Reed himself) were asking the Steelers to kick his tires again.

    That was probably a worse idea than this party.

    Free wi-fi at Wolfie’s. I might have to check it out. Could be a fun time to watch the Pats lose.

  • Ben Saluri

    I saw him in Canton, when the Bus got inducted..WOW dude was a straight mess!!

  • Alex Kozora

    Did you? Cool. Was that before or after IUP?

    lol – I’m not going to the Tavern. Loomis, I’m down with that. We’ll throw our own Depot party.

  • mape_ape

    Lol Wolfe’s. Jeff Reed has hit the big time.

  • CoachCot

    Christ almighty haha

  • Jason Kelley

    My two Jeff Reed stories:

    1) I drive past the Jeff Reed Sheetz every day on the way to work.
    2) Jeff Reed sexted with my friend’s coworker back in the day. She shared with him and he shared with me. I can say that I’ve seen 1/4 to 1/2 of Jeff Reed’s dinger. Try not to get too jealous.

  • Matt Manzo

    Party time!!!

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe


  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    Wow. Limas Sweed. There’s a guy that I haven’t thought about in a long time.

  • dany

    It’s all funny, and I won’t shed a tear over it, but stories like Reed usually don’t end up well. He has a very firmly established pattern

  • Lambert58

    Jeff Reed should host a party for the Jaguars on Saturday night.

  • Jason Vancil

    He has become a Professional Drunk. Wonder how much he makes for these appearances. Probably not enough to cover the bar tab.

  • John Phillips

    Go Skippy go

  • Vincent Dale

    At least most of the students won’t be there, only townies.

  • Steve

    Sounds like Reed loves himself.

  • Conserv_58

    Skippy will never live down his abuse of a Sheetz towel dispenser. The Sheetz corporation does send Skippy a Christmas card and a $10.00 gift card every year thanking him for the free publicity.

  • Conserv_58

    and that was a good day for him.

  • Conserv_58

    With boxing gloves on.

  • Conserv_58

    Anthony Smith’s, “Show boatin’, My way” party will be held in the conference room at the Motel 6, adjacent to the airport’s main runway. Free autographed photos of Mr. Smith’s fifteen seconds of fame while wearing a Steelers’ uniform will be provided. Coach LeBeau could not be reached for a comment on the occasion.

  • Conserv_58

    If it wasn’t for his being a former Steeler, his posse would consist of members of the local sheriff’s dept. Skippy lacks any and all common sense and he’s an attention ho.

  • westcoasteeler

    You know his compensation for ‘bringing in the masses’ is to clear a bar tab.

  • BurghBoy412

    Kickers are the true “Bad Boys” of the NFL.