Patriots Headed To Seventh Consecutive AFC Championship Game After Win Over Titans

The New England Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans 35-14 Saturday night at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro and that means they’ll now play in the AFC Championship game a seventh consecutive time. The Patriots will host the winner of Sunday’s Divisional Round game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday.

The Patriots, who at one time trailed the Titans 7-0 Saturday evening, scored 35 unanswered points for the blowout home win. 21 one of those points came in the second quarter and included quarterback Tom Brady throwing two touchdown passes and running back James White scoring twice.

Brady completed 35 of his 53 total pass attempts for 337 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win and the Patriots registered 438 yards of total offense. Brady, by the way, wasn’t sacked at all by the Titans defense during the game and was even able to exit the game for good late in the fourth quarter.

After a first quarter touchdown pass from Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota to wide receiver Corey Davis put the Tennessee ahead 7-0, the Patriots quickly answered with a 7 play, 73 yard touchdown drive that culminated with Brady throwing a 5-yard touchdown shovel pass to White. The Patriots then proceeded to score touchdowns on their next two possessions and led 21-7 at halftime.

The Titans could not move the football effectively after their first score until very late in garbage time. Mariota finished the game with 22 completions on 37 total attempts for 254 yards and two touchdown passes to Davis, He was sacked 8 times by the Patriots defense Saturday night and the Titans only managed 267 total yards of offense.

A Steelers win over the Jaguars on Sunday will result in a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship which the Patriots won 36-17. A Jaguars win, however, will result in them going to their third AFC Championship game in the history of the franchise. Their last appearance in the AFC Championship game was during the 1999 season and they lost that game to the Titans 33-14.

  • John A Stewart

    All Pro team can’t beat the Pats and Refs at Gillette Stadium impossible and it’s so obvious. The only way you can is play dirty and go for Brady’s legs what do you have to lose.

  • Chris92021

    We are not losing tomorrow. Let’s focus on that first.

  • pittfan

    pittfan • 2 hours ago
    I have NEVER seen a false start called back on a punt and reveresed to encroachment by the D.
    NEVER, until tonite.
    Hogan needs to teach JuJu the correct way to throw illegal crackbacks…

    Good night Irene. I’ve seen enough.

  • blue

    Decker 3rd down pass Interference was within 5 yards=BS. False start to encroachment on punt=BS. Touchdown run, knee down before endzone=BS. Gronk offenisive Pass Interference after 5 yds ignored= BS
    Hogan illegal crackback=BS.. 1 second left on the clock to end 1st half=BS
    Serious pattern of BS in one game=Hidden agenda to help Pats

  • Vic

    What about the facemask on Henry that wasn’t called!?! Even Tony Romo spotted that out

  • NinjaMountie

    We’re going to beat them at Gillette. Watch and see.
    If we lose before the Super Bowl it will be this week. The Jags are the ones I worry about.

  • blue

    Easy money vs the Jags. No turnovers is the key. Bortles is a bum.

  • Reginald Pippin

    This was nothing more than warm-up match for the Patriots, especially since the Titans quit playing after the 1st quarter ( The biased officiating just made things worse).

  • Taylor Williams

    I spotted the hidden agenda when we lost to them at home.

  • Taylor Williams

    An ejection and possibly an automatic win for the Pats

  • Ichabod

    And yet we hear nothing from the teams…surely they see what we do

  • Scott

    Biased officiating is why the Titans gave up.

  • FATCAT716

    Insane. 1st thing I said is what’s the difference between that block & Juju’s? My homie said the jersey & Hogan didn’t stand over him

  • LifeUhhFindsAWay

    The announcers destroyed JuJu over that hit too. But when it’s a Patriots player it was “oh what a hit!!”

  • Darth Blount 47

    Anyone who looks at 35 – 14 and says that the Titans were totally out-classed and that no amount of calls determined the outcome, certainly didn’t watch the game.

    (My brother, who I believe is becoming a closet Patriots fan or something, just looked at the final score and declared that New England won by 21 so that must mean that no amount of calls would have closed the gap and that people should get over it. I swear, he is the quintessential fan that the NFL wants. He’s perfect. He’s their muse.) And it completely disgusts me.

    The LITANY of calls that stopped drives, flipped field position drastically, and totally ROBBED Tennessee of momentum, are so laughably numerous, I DO sound a bit crazy if I listed every single one, because indeed the list is as long as a Chinese restaurant menu.

  • FATCAT716

    Last week Robert Woods was flagged for the same block against the falcons

  • Bradys_Dad

    Teams get tired of being over-turned and ignored so why bother. Teams know the bias going in to Gillette so they just accept it. Doesn’t make it right. It just is what it is..

  • Frank

    Pats are really good. Just face it. Brady was hit twice, maybe 3 times. Not sacked at all. Their defense has come on the second half of the season. But too many offensive weapons. Despite some questionable officiating which favored them, they were clearly the superior team. It will be extremely difficult for Steelers to beat them next week, assuming of course they win today. Secondary is just not good enough.

  • Jason

    The worst non call didn’t even get discussed by Romo. The illegal crack back block which was basically what Ju Ju got suspended for happened right in front of the official. No flag.

  • Michael Conrad

    I did not watch the game as I can’t stand to watch the Pats. Pats are a very good and they are a better team then last years super bowl team. I have seen several write ups on bad calls in the game and believe them.

    I think the officials look at the Pats as the better team going Into a game so if a team does anything close to illegal they drop the flag on them while overlooking what the Pats do.

    Until a team or coach threatens to walk off the field it will never change.

    The last thing the NFL needs is another problem. Walking off the field sounds like being a poor sport but you can’t beat a good team and the officials. TV is left without a game and the ratings will be bad an advertisers are going to want money back.

  • The Chin

    Way too much zone by LeBeau, which is what had to be overcome in Pittsburgh before this team even had a chance to beat the Pats. Today,on the other hand, might be perfect for zone. As great as DLebeau is, his philosophy was so ingrained in the staff in Pittsburgh, it took multiple seasons to progress from it

  • CoachCot

    Didn’t they walk off the penalty too? Then changed it?

  • SouthernSteel

    It’s gotten to a point I just can’t watch a Pats game…the officiating is always 1 sided until Pats get game in control then they call a couple Of meaningless pentalies against the Pats…

  • Ichabod

    It he nfl hates bad press.
    If no one makes issues of these things, nothing changes

  • Ralph Wagner

    Mariota suffered a quad injury in the first quarter of the game. No that that would have made a big difference in the games final result. . No one wins at Gillette Stadium, except the Ravens. LOL

  • Chad Weiss

    And false start was the right call

  • Chad Weiss

    Pat’s should have been facing the chiefs but refs screwed them on sack touchdown on forward progress so was there anybody who was expecting any different in this game?

  • FanInExile

    An intriguing thesis. I don’t think we’re near the point where this would happen, but if it did, I could see the outcome you describe happening.

    Of course, a Steelers victory next week would moot much of this talk…until next season.

  • #beatthejags/pats

    I’m with you

  • #beatthejags/pats

    If was the titan coach I’m playing dirty after those calls, someone has to pay for this thievery, patriot games are not on the level , yes I’ll use the word “fix” Tennessee was taken out of that game when it was close. Why not late hits on Brady? They offensive hold every play and only have been called 9 times all year, defensive hold every play. Someday someone’s gonna cough up the real story behind this. The cbs studio outside Gillette is part of it. Jim nance golf buddy Brady is a conflict of interest, he shouldn’t be doing the games. What clock did use to save 3 seconds at the end of the half? Did you ever notice how every touchdown and penalty against them, they replay it 15 times at different angles looking for a small movement . Yet they never replay close patplays

  • John A Stewart

    Let a special team player do it

  • John A Stewart

    You not what’s upsetting not one of these NFL shows talk about the calls that favors the Pats it’s like everybody is on the payroll.

  • Applebite

    That game ended, no sooner than the League turned that false start on a punt formation over, into a magical encroachment penalty, and awarded the Pats a first down. By the 2nd Qtr, the League ruined that game. And that is why this league is a circus now. And no, it’s not okay. The League no longer has the right to pretend everything is alright. None whatsoever.

    Al Riveron and Goodell MUST GO. And the League can’t be allowed to sit on their hands and not improve this situation with Instant Replay, The PC riddled Catch Rule, and all the other issues that hurts this game.

  • Melly

    The Decker call was the start of it! It should have been a first down, but they had to punt. Then NE goes down and scores…game over! The Gronk push off blows my mind. His arm was fully extended and the “OFFICIAL” was 3-4yds away! Then the crack back block, the overturned encroachment call, etc etc! Its freaking disgusting.

    I know that NE is very good. But these calls/non calls allow them to dominate games! They didn’t have a penalty until 23mins into the game.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Don’t forget the obvious facemask on a crucial 4th down attempt for Henry that was literally right in front of the official.

  • moto psycho

    i dont watch pats/refs games cant beat the refs