Steelers Vs. Jaguars: Inactives For Divisional Playoff Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now released their list of seven inactive players ahead of their home Divisional Round playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and fortunately there are no surprising names included.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is active Sunday and will play against the Jaguars after ending the week listed as questionable. This will mark the first game that Brown has played in since he suffered a left calf injury in the Steelers Week 15 home loss to the New England Patriots. The wide receiver practiced fully on Wednesday and Thursday this past week but failed to work on Friday due to him being sick. He was the only Steelers player given a game status designation on the team’s Friday injury report.

The Steelers list of seven inactives includes all healthy scratches and they are quarterback Joshua Dobbs, defensive tackle Daniel McCullers, wide receiver Justin Hunter, tackle Matt Feiler, tackle Jerald Hawkins, safety J.J. Wilcox and cornerback Coty Sensabaugh.

Steelers Inactive Players:

QB Joshua Dobbs
DT Daniel McCullers
T Matt Feiler
T Jerald Hawkins
WR Justin Hunter
CB Coty Sensabaugh
S J.J. Wilcox

Jaguars Inactive Players:

RB Chris Ivory
LB Deon King
OL Chris Reed
OL Josh Walker
WR Jaydon Mickens
T William Poehls
DT Eli Ankou

  • Generic Steelers Fan

    Ab heck yeah

  • BurghBoy412

    Kinda surprised Ivory is on that list

  • NavyDoc

    Chris Ivory?? Hmm…. Should see a hefty dose of TJ Yeldon then, but this is surprising

  • Chad Weiss

    Jags coming to Pitt of misery today. Dilly Dilly!

  • Jaybird

    Ivory runs hard. Real hard. I’m glad he’s out.

  • ThePointe

    Nice! +1

  • Kick

    Steelers need to pay Bell.

  • BurghBoy412

    He’s a fumbler though

  • Chad Weiss

    I hope they play video of Jacksonville burning the terrible towel on Trinitron at introduction

  • Frank

    Artie must be in pretty good shape if Coty is a scratch

  • LifeUhhFindsAWay

    They did. $12.12 Million in cold guaranteed cash this season. Next highest paid RB makes $8.4 million I believe.

  • Chad Weiss

    Heinz Field should be renamed The Pitt of misery. We could even have bud light as a sponsor

  • Jeff Papiernik

    i’d rather have an 80% Artie than a 100% Coty

  • Jason

    No way in hell you give him a long term deal with the money he’s demanding. Rb’s shelf lives are too short

  • heath miller

    or 80% cam than 100 cody

  • heath miller

    that would be awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u need ot be our video director at the game

  • heath miller

    tag him next year .. he has to play he will never make up that 14 mil he loses sitting out .. run him till h drops then say bye bye bell in 2019 le him sign elsewhere and get a 3rd round comp pick for him .. problem solved

  • heath miller

    well we need to get some of the real fans there .. not the corporate seats that either the people dont show up or they sit there and sit on theeir hands with their mouth closed.. we need to reconfigure that stadium to keep the noise in … we need it a hell of a lot louder before we get a cool nickname HEEEATH

  • Chad Weiss

    I concur I just don’t get it

  • Jason


  • Steeler Nation

    Yup I’m with you

  • heath miller

    a talk show host on espn .. guy before jim rome .. said on thusday that 7000 tickets remained unsold at “hines” field for the game and some were as low as $75… i cant believe that but that was the word on espn talk radio as last as thrusday ?

  • Matt Manzo

    So if Mcullers and Hunter are out, that means Hargrave and Brown are good, right?!

  • Matt Manzo

    Dilly dilly!

  • Rich Stafford

    I heard that also. That number was actually closer to 1500 which were standing room or on secondary market. Always a sellout just a matter of resale. Having said that crowds today are horrible. Takes people a quarter to get to their seats and middle of the third quarter after the half. It’s a drinking party now the game is secondary.

  • RJMcReady

    I agree. Find it hard to believe he would sit on 14 million.

  • heath miller

    well lets say he plays 5 years on this next contract.. so he has to make 3 million more a year.. every one of those 5 years .. just to make up that 14M he lost… that aint gona happen

  • heath miller

    i agree.. we have more real fans at the games in cincianni and houston.. more noise for the steelers there then “hines” field… we need a hell of a lot more noise before we give the stadium a nickname

  • 太阳三联

    Said the same thing to myself

  • Kick

    He has almost 50% of all offensive production, he deserves every penny he is asking for.

  • Kick

    He is 50% of all offensive production, he deserves the money he is asking.

  • stan

    WTF how in the heck is McCullers out today??? We carry him for games like this!!!!! I just checked to see why I hadn’t see him today.
    Total coaching fail today.