Offensive Tackle Depth Could Plague Steelers in 2015

At most positions depth isn’t a problem for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but where that issue does manifest itself is along the offensive line, particularly at the tackle spots. While it is true that the Steelers’ offensive line appears to be as stable a group as the organization has featured in…


Ike Taylor Keeping Options Open In Retirement, Including Coaching

In recent seasons, the Steelers coaching staff has seen several branches of it’s coaching tree filled by former players who donned the black and gold, from pass rushing menace Joey Porter to the blue collar Jerry Olsavsky, who this offseason were promoted to coach the outside and inside linebackers, respectively….

Steelers 2013 Training Camp Helmets

Steelers’ Veterans Talk Training Camp

The first official day of summer isn’t for another three days but for the Pittsburgh Steelers, spring is already in the rear-view window. The team wrapped up its mandatory minicamp on Thursday. While players will continue to train over the next month, the next marquee event is training camp. Several…


Steelers Throwback Thursday: Joey Porter’s Last Career Sack

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter recorded 60 sacks during his eight seasons in the Steel City. After he was released by the Steelers in 2007, he went on to play three years with the Miami Dolphins and another two with the Arizona Cardinals, and he registered another 38…

LeVeon Bell

Le’Veon Bell Thinking Long-Term Thanks To His New Backup

Last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers brought in Le’Veon Bell a backup running back in LeGarrette Blount who nearly showed him the fast-track to running himself out of the league after the pair was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Bell was also charged with a DUI and has been…


Steelers All-22: Offensive Line Stunt Pickup

The offensive line is a curious position. Unlike others, it’s judged by the sum of its parts more than the individual. If one man fails, they all fail, and it’s difficult for the others to compensate. It’s one of my favorite positions to look at. Like a puzzle, it has…


Clarity At ILB May Lead To More Defined Roles For Backups

Last offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers were unsure exactly of what they had at the inside linebacker position outside of the veteran of the group, Lawrence Timmons. In two were second-year player Vince Williams and Sean Spence, who, entering his third year, had not played a meaningful down of football due…


Former Steelers FB Kreider Enjoying The Retired Life

Long a fan favorite of the team, former Steelers fullback Dan Kreider seems to have been one of the last in a breed of dinosaurs at the position. In this, I mean the lead blocking, throwback-style fullbacks whose face masks got mangled each and every game and who’s primary responsibility…

Keith Butler Training Camp

Keith Butler With Big Opportunity As First Year Coordinator

It isn’t often that a first-year defensive coordinator has the chance to accomplish something a long-time legend had struggled to do in recent years, but that is exactly the opportunity in front of Pittsburgh Steelers coach Keith Butler. The former linebackers’ coach has had the honor of being tutored by…


Heath Miller’s Quiet Leadership Proves Effective

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been fortunate to have several veterans who aren’t brash about their leadership position, quietly doing their job and leading by example. James Harrison and Troy Polamalu have been two perfect examples. A list like that wouldn’t be complete without Heath Miller, the veteran tight end who…


Shakim Phillips Standing Tall, Trying To Stand Out

College football players transfer often enough we’ve become numb to the concept. Everett Golson went from the BCS Championship game (remember those?) to transferring to Florida State just over two years later. Even transferring twice isn’t unheard of. But twice and go back to the school you originally committed to?…