Antonio Brown Head Shot

Would $11.54 Million In New Money Over Next 3 Years Appease Antonio Brown?

While Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is unlikely to get his contract reworked this offseason, former Washington Redskins salary cap analyst J.I. Halsell has come up with a restructure/extension plan that would result in the league’s leading receiver in both catches and yardage from last year averaging $11.5 per…

Ramon foster Headshot

Ramon Foster Talks OTA Skirmish, Continuity On Offense

During last week’s OTAs, Ramon Foster skirmished with linebacker Shayon Green. Last Friday, Foster filled in on “The Fan Morning Show” with Colin Dunlap and Jim Colony and expanded on what preempted the incident. His account of the fight began with Foster’s opinion of what OTAs are for. “…young guys…


Steelers All-22: Sail Concept vs Cover 3

We’re kicking off this Monday with some more Pittsburgh Steelers’ film study. A staple of the old Air Raid offense is the Sail concept, a combination of a nine, corner, and flat route. Essentially, a levels concept to one side of the field, making it an easier read for the…


Dallas Cowboys First Team In NFL To Adopt Virtual Reality Training

Earlier this offseason, a few months back, I wrote an article about the potential usefulness of virtual reality training tools, and the hypothetical interest that might exist among NFL teams for such a tool, although at the time it did not seem as though the idea was immediately heading anywhere….


2013 Steelers Tell Typical Tale Of Life On Practice Squad

Earlier this month, I took a look at the practice squad and how the Pittsburgh Steelers have in recent history been able to pluck a contributor here and there from the unit, some more significantly so than others, including current and previous starters. But I also talked about the fact…