Steelers Have Questions That Need Answering For Their OLBs

Comparing this year to last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t so far off in 2015 in terms of their pass rushing ability compared to where they were in 2014 heading into the draft. And they didn’t take advantage of the draft to add to their pass rushing ability, either. They…

AFC North

AFC North News Watch: Day 15

As the league meetings continue, we still find ourselves in the midst of a key period in terms of getting the opportunity to hear from some of the members of the brain trusts of each team throughout the league, and we have gotten the opportunity to hear plenty of newsworthy…

Mike Tomlin Press Conference Ravens

Mike Tomlin Amped Up For Defensive Revival

The Pittsburgh Steelers have long been a team that prides itself on being a physical and smash-mouth team, especially on defense. In essence, it hangs it’s hat on it. However, their defense the last few years was a far cry from the Steel Curtain defense that fueled the Steelers’ Super…


2015 NFL Combine WR True Heights

For the second year in a row, we’ll use the NFL Combine measurables to view wide receiver heights in a different light. If you’re not familiar with the process, we create a “true height” be adding a receiver’s actual height, arm length, and vertical. Though it obviously has its flaws,…


Steelers Banking On Draft To “Get Some Guys” At Cornerback

There is, perhaps, no greater need remaining on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster than for an influx of talent at the cornerback position. There are only five cornerbacks in total on the roster at the moment—four of them with NFL experience, and two of them with a significant number of snaps….


Steelers Using Competition As Tool To Improve Defense

If you listen to the recent comments made by Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin, you might get the impression that every single spot in the roster is up in the air right now—at least on the defensive side of the ball. While that observation…

AFC North

AFC North News Watch: Day 14

With most of the NFL’s key personnel congregated now at the league’s annual meetings, there has perhaps not been quite as much action in terms of free agent movements, but we have been able to use this opportunity to get a lot of meaningful dialog out of said personnel, including…


History Of Steelers Compensatory Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Steelers were awarded a seventh-round compensatory pick in the 2015 NFL Draft on Monday and that makes the 30th such selection the franchise has been given dating back to 1995. Now is the perfect time to look at the Steelers history when it comes to compensatory draft picks and…


James Harrison Was Hired For His Disposition

Former Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Greg Lloyd gregarious, gentlemanly pass rusher the team has had throughout its history. He was known for wearing a t-shirt that read “I Wasn’t Hired For My Disposition”. And yet, ironically, it was that surly, nasty on-field disposition that did get him hired, in a…

DeAngelo Williams Headshot

Kevin Colbert Thinks DeAngelo Williams Will Benefit Le’Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert wasn’t kidding when he said that the team approached free agency just looking to ‘hold serve’. While they lost only one free agent, they also only signed one from the outside, they also re-signed four of their own players, and they may yet re-sign…

James Harrison Wild Card Ravens

James Harrison’s Role To Be Determined Through Offseason

Just a day after contemplating his future on social media, James Harrison agreed yesterday to terms on a two-year, $2.75 million contract to remain with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The deal includes a $500,000 signing bonus, which is an insignificant amount in terms of dead money in the likely event that…