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Patriots Fans Now Want One For The Thumb?

Like or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers still remain two championships ahead of the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady isn’t going to play forever. How long before we see “One For The Thumb” t-shirts show up in Boston? Sound familiar? One for the thumb, eh? pic.twitter.com/Am3g0pncd5 — Kissing Suzy…

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Steelers LB Ryan Shazier Is Getting Turbo For His Porsche Panamera

Looks like Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier is getting his Porsche Panamera upgraded. Those don’t already come with turbo? Welcome @shazier50 of the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Auto Firm Family… About to make his Porsche Panamera Turbo p… pic.twitter.com/wGi4tsH6BI — Chris (@chris_tcu) February 4, 2015

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Only 369 Days Until Super Bowl 50

Still over a year away. Hopefully next year at this time we are gearing up for the Pittsburgh Steelers run at for their seventh Lombardi Trophy in San Francisco. Only 369 days until Super Bowl 50! #SB50 pic.twitter.com/wC8NQCQ1GO — NFL (@nfl) February 2, 2015

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Punxsutawney Phil Is A Steelers Fan

Are you ready for six more weeks of winter, Steelers fans? It's Groundhog Day, and Punxsutawney Phil says… pic.twitter.com/lCFqVDcsUo — Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) February 2, 2015


Steelers Vs. Chiefs: Winners And Losers From Week 16

The Pittsburgh Steelers notched their tenth win of the season along with a spot in the playoffs Sunday by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 20-12 at Heinz Field. Here is just a little sampling of some winners and losers for you to discuss. Feel free to add your own in…

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James Harrison Signing Comes Amid Heightened Concern Over Domestic Violence

The Pittsburgh Steelers earlier today officially re-signed outside linebacker James Harrison, who was originally released by the team before the 2013 season in a salary cap maneuver, and who only earlier this month officially retired from the game. The move was prompted by the long-term injury sustained by Steelers second-year…

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Steelers vs Ravens – First Half Live Update And Discussion Thread

Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers came out of Week One with a victory and Baltimore Ravens with a loss, they both turned in performances they’d like to forget and move on from. The Steelers relinquished a 24-point halftime lead to the Cleveland Browns before eking out a last-second victory on a field goal, while the…