Steelers 2016 Salary Cap: Tight End Contracts & Soon-To-Be Free Agents

It’s time to move forward with our position by position look at the Pittsburgh Steelers salary cap situation for 2016 being as the team is exiting from their bye week. We’ve already looked at the quarterback wide receiver position groups and today we will move forward with our look at…

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Steelers Draft Watch List Series: Volume #6

Continuing our new article series every Saturday morning for the rest of the season, I take a look at three draft-eligible college football prospects the Pittsburgh Steelers could and should examine at length this spring. Obviously a lot will change between then and now, so this analysis is based on…

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Blake And Dupree Discuss Containing Russell Wilson

It’s a point we, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, have highlighted all week long. You can draw up the X’s and O’s as much as you’d like, and you know we love to, but scheme doesn’t amount to much when Russell Wilson breaks the pocket and wreaks havoc on your defense….


Haley’s Comments Seemed To Foreshadow Toussaint Promotion

Shortly before the Pittsburgh Steelers formally announced the move to promote Fitzgerald Toussaint to the active roster, releasing Isaiah Pead in the process a short comment by Todd Haley actually caught my attention. For the first time since he’s been signed, someone on the Steelers actually acknowledged Toussaint, which was…


Haley Knows Sound Could Prevent Steelers From Playing “Sound” Football

Todd Haley knows a thing or two about loud environments. He’s apart of Steelers’ nation now and served as the head coach at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. But to him, it’s hard to compare any place to the noise Seattle creates. In this week’s Coordinator’s Corner, Bob Labriola asked the…


Steelers Fantasy Football Predictions: Week 12 Vs. Seahawks

Week 12 – November 29, 2015 Location: Seattle, Washington Opponent: Seattle Seahawks Coming off the bye week, it finally feels like there is some stability in Pittsburgh. Battling one injury after the next was the theme of the middle portion of the 2015 season. Let’s hope that the theme of…


Steelers’ Top Five Run Defense Meets League’s Best Rushing Offense

It doesn’t matter whether or not Marshawn Lynch is in the backfield on Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks: their running game is going to be a tremendous test for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ improved rushing defense. To be clear, Lynch will not be in the backfield at all, after just having…

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Steelers Among Least-Penalized Teams This Season

At one point earlier this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to boast the distinction of holding the title of least-penalized team in the league. Through 10 weeks now, they are still very close to that mark, now ranking second, behind only the Minnesota Vikings, who hold the current distinction….


Bye Week Evaluation, Justin Forsett Injury May Factor Into RB Roster Move

Yesterday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced an unexpected but not altogether unsurprising roster move as the team gets closer to resuming actual football activity. The move saw the promotion of running back Fitzgerald Toussaint from the practice squad, ousting Isaiah Pead from the 53-man roster in the process. Pead was…


2015 Steelers Emerging As Battered, But Battle-Tested Unit

Entering the 12th week of the NFL season, the Pittsburgh Steelers currently have 17 players on reserve lists of one sort or another, including 15 on the good old injured reserve. Admittedly, only perhaps half-dozen or so of those players were on the 53-man roster, and perhaps another two or…


Bye Week Rethink: Red Zone Usage Of RBs

Today is Sunday, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are not playing. They are not playing tomorrow, either, nor did they already play on Thursday. The 6-4 franchise is entering its long awaited and much needed bye week after 10 straight games. With not much else going on, it would figure to…


Seahawks Injury Report: LB Bruce Irvin Ends Week Listed As Doubtful

The Seattle Seahawks have now released their final injury report for their Sunday home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and it includes no surprises based on the way things have transpired over the course of the last two days. Listed as out on Friday are running back Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)…