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Debunking Three Myths About The Dri Archer Pick

By Michael K. Reynolds The reaction to the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 third round selection of Dri Archer was nearly universal: “Huh?” I’ll admit to the same immediate response myself. My confusion was positional. Why would the Steelers braintrust take a running back with such a high pick? But it only took a little research showcasing […]

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State of the \’Chise: Week 3

By: Joseph Pucciarella While the first two weeks are in the books, and with the weekend already upon us, week 3 is set to be a reality. However, Steelers fans across the nation might have mixed feelings about what played out the over the first two weeks. Just in case you’ve been in a cave, […]

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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday July 13th – Harrison Calls Goodell Names Edition

Linebacker James Harrison called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a “crook” and a “devil,” among other insults, in an article in the August issue of Men\’s Journal magazine. Harrison also questions in the article whether a black player is punished more for a hard hit on a white player than the opposite. Former Steelers running back […]

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Steelers & Rashard Mendenhall Must Run Better Against Division Foes In 2010

I have a new stats program I am playing with an wanted to isolate some running game stats against the teams in the division. I compiled stats all the way back to 2002 of just the running backs and their rushing stats versus the other teams in the AFC North. In the same table I […]

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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Thursday July 16th

ESPN AFC North blogger, James Walker, reports that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was voted the best QB by his AFC North peers and linebacker James Harrison was voted the toughest player in the division. The facts come from a 2009 AFC North player survey and players could not vote for themselves or teammates. Jamie Dukes of […]

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