Antonio Brown

Steelers Training Camp Day 1-169

A Quick Look At The Steelers’ Current Roster

With the draft concluded, the Pittsburgh Steelers are close to setting their 90 man roster for training camp. But based on the pre-draft roster, draft picks, and UDFAs, the current roster sits at 93. Some post-draft shuffling is in order, even if there’s a twinge of depression we’re talking about…

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Drafted As Returner, Ayers Not Limited To Special Teams

The Pittsburgh Steelers certainly let it be known to their first of two seventh-round draft picks as much as anybody else that if he is to make the 53-man roster this year, it will come through Damarcus Ayers earning a roster spot by becoming an asset as a return man….


Steelers 2016 Salary Cap Update Ahead Of The NFL Draft

With the 2016 NFL Draft set to get underway later on this evening, now is a perfect time to update you on the Pittsburgh Steelers salary cap situation. As of today, the NFLPA has the Steelers $3,574,520 under the cap and as you can see below, I have them $3,581,936 under the cap…

Sterling Shepard

Steelers Need For Another Day-Two Wide Receiver Is Real

Don’t be surprised if the Pittsburgh Steelers wind up spending a second or third-round draft pick this year on another wide receiver. Why, you might ask? Because like or not, the need for another young receiver is real. For starters, the Steelers will be without the services of Martavis Bryant…

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Redskins Sign Josh Norman, Will Face Off With Antonio Brown Week One

The Washington Redskins have reportedly signed cornerback Josh Norman whopping five year, 5 year, $75 million contract. Josh Norman's 5-year, $75M deal with the #Redskins includes $50M in guarantees, source said. Wow. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 22, 2016 That’s notable here because the Pittsburgh Steelers take on Washington in…


Recent Cap Relief Not Enough To Make It Into Regular Season

Although the release of Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen hardly came as a surprise, the timing and manner of release did surprise some, including myself. In particular, I was surprised to see that he was not released with a post-June designation for a very simple reason, that being the fact that…

Cameron Heyward

Remainder Of 2010-2011 Draft Classes Now All Wheat, No Chaff

The Pittsburgh Steelers chose late last week to released sixth-year cornerback Cortez Allen after three successive disappointing seasons and an inability to stay healthy, let alone to live up to a five-year, $26-million contract. An interesting byproduct of this move is that we have now fully separated the wheat from…