Cam Heyward


Steelers 2015 Final Defensive Charting Notes

Sorry for putting this off, Steelers’ Nation. Didn’t want to rush our final charting of the year and now that I’ve had a couple days after the Senior Bowl, I could sort through all the data. As you probably know, we chart the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense every game and compile…


Cam Heyward: “We’re All Accountable”

Forever diplomatic, Cam Heyward tipped his hat to the Denver Broncos and refused to put the blame on any one player or play from today’s season-ending 23-16 loss. “As a defense, they had to drive the whole field,” Heyward told reporters in response to the Broncos’ final, game-winning drive. “We…


Front Seven Focus: Steelers Vs Bengals

The Steelers front seven is coming off of a great performance where they accounted for four sacks and a forced fumble. However they would be playing a much better offense than they did against Cleveland. The Steelers would need to generate pass rush to knock quarterback A.J. McCarron out of…


Ramon Foster: “Cooler Heads Prevailed”

Mike Tomlin quipped during his Tuesday press conference that experienced players are happy to have that tenure while inexperienced ones don’t think it’s a big deal. I’m sure the Pittsburgh Steelers are glad they have that winning, playoff culture. It’s something the Cincinnati Bengals are still searching for. The Steelers…


Front Seven Focus: Steelers Vs Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense front seven has seemingly been playing better every week. The unit up front has allowed only 91.2 rush yards a game, good enough for fifth the league. Pair that impressive number with a second best minuscule six rushing TDs and you have a truly top-end unit…


Steelers’ Defense Knows It Didn’t Make Enough Plays Sunday

Feel free to substitute in “enough” for “any” in that headline. Although the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to hold the Baltimore Ravens to 20 points, not a horrible number, but it felt so much worse than that. The Steelers led Ryan Mallett, 12 days with his new team, complete 73.7%…


Front Seven Focus: Steelers Vs Broncos DL Breakdown

The front seven of a defense is one of the most cohesive units on a football team. Each position relies on their neighbor to help anchor the defense. Much like the defensive formation of the ancient Spartans if there is one crack in the line the whole unit will fall….