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Football Outsiders Offers Far-Too-Early Playoff Odds For Steelers, NFL

Football Outsiders is one of several popular analytics website dedicated to the nation’s most popular sport, exploring angles of the game that other outlets do not. Yesterday, the site posted its updated playoff odds report, compiled by Mike Harris, which breaks down a number of statistical odds pertaining to the…

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Versatility Opens Up Play Book For No Huddle Offense

Every offseason, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger talks about a no huddle offense that never actually comes to fruition in the way he would like by the time the games start to matter. Scott Kacsmar for Football Outsiders even took the liberty of collecting snippets over the years on the subject…

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Curtis Brown Proved Worth On Special Teams As A Rookie

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Curtis Brown didn\’t see any snaps on the defensive side of the football as a rookie, but he did contribute quite a bit on special teams, a necessity for all young defensive players drafted by Pittsburgh. Football Outsiders released their 2011 Special Teams Tackles Stats on Monday…