Gregg Williams


Steelers Film Room: Power Of Empty Sets

Todd Haley surprised most of us by opening up the offense on the Pittsburgh Steelers first drive Sunday. Empty set and mixing in Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams at the same time. It was extremely successful start with five of the team’s first six plays picking up at least seven yards. Empty…


Pass Rush The Key For Both Teams Sunday

In scouting the St. Louis Rams this week, I only saw one area that could (should) prevent the Steelers from a victory on Sunday if Pittsburgh executes their offense properly. Unsurprisingly that area was the Rams defensive line, a dynamic and deep unit with the skill to make life miserable…


St. Louis Rams Defensive Scouting Report

This year, Jon Ledyard and I will be collaborating our scouting reports. We’ll play to our strengths – he’ll be focusing on the individuals while I’ll be looking at overall scheme. These reports will be broken down into two articles, one for offense and one for defense. Our reports for…