Jarvis Jones

Jarvis Jones

Steelers Film Room: Jarvis Jones Vs Bengals

It may not have seemed like it to some, but during the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Wildcard round, Jarvis Jones and James Harrison played roughly the same amount of snaps, hovering near the 50 percent mark, and they also had roughly the same level of production, with the stat sheets for each…


Several Young Players Stepped Up For Pittsburgh Saturday

Don’t let it fool you. In the playoffs, experience matters. It’s not a coincidence that Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Alex Smith all won over the weekend despite being the road team. It’s the first time all four road teams have won in a playoff week. But for…


Steelers’ Topping Turnover Battle Helps End Three-Game Playoff Skid

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ first postseason victory since the 2010 AFC Championship game included six turovers. In their previous three postseason games, there were four, two, and three turnovers, respectively. The Steelers lost or tied the turnover margin in each of those games, all three of which they came out on…

Jarvis Jones

Jarvis Jones Authors Biggest Play Of Career In Steelers’ Victory

Third-year Pittsburgh Steelers first-round draft pick Jarvis Jones may not have lit up the stats sheet, as usual playing in a rotation at right outside linebacker with James Harrison, but he did orchestrate the biggest play of his career, which helped Pittsburgh win their first playoff game in five years….


Steelers Rapid Fire Conclusions 2015-16: Wildcard Weekend

The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a defibrillator to rescue their playoff hopes, as did many of the fans who endured one of the most heart-stopping dueling television viewing experiences of their lives. Fortunately the venerable Dr. Rex Ryan was on scene to perform the delicate procedure which included taking a large…


How The Steelers’ Five-Year High Sack Total Was Built

By season’s end, the Pittsburgh Steelers defense managed to put up an impressive 48 sacks on the season, which ranked third overall in the league, thanks in large part due to a season-high seven sacks in the regular season finale. It was the most sacks that the Steelers have recorded…