Jeremy Hill


David Todd: Quick Thoughts On Steelers Versus Bengals Wild Card Game

In one of the craziest and most-dramatic games I’ve ever seen, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 18-16 at rain-soaked Paul Brown Stadium Saturday night in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. As a boy I attended the Immaculate Reception game which, for me, will never be…


Health, Availability Will Shape Shazier’s Ceiling

There’s no denying Ryan Shazier had one of the games of his life Saturday night in Cincinnati. Without him, we’re telling a starkly different story. One where the Steelers are at home, not preparing for Denver. One where Vontaze Burfict, as Dave and Dave talked about yesterday, plays the role…


Watch: Bengals RB Jeremy Hill Fought Karma And Guess Who Won

Now that the all-22 tape of the Pittsburgh Steelers win over the Cincinnati Bengals has been released we are starting to discover more shenanigans that took place Saturday night. Following the late passing touchdown from Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron to wide receiver A.J. Green, Cincinnati running back Jeremy Hill thought…


Steelers’ Topping Turnover Battle Helps End Three-Game Playoff Skid

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ first postseason victory since the 2010 AFC Championship game included six turovers. In their previous three postseason games, there were four, two, and three turnovers, respectively. The Steelers lost or tied the turnover margin in each of those games, all three of which they came out on…

Jarvis Jones

Jarvis Jones Authors Biggest Play Of Career In Steelers’ Victory

Third-year Pittsburgh Steelers first-round draft pick Jarvis Jones may not have lit up the stats sheet, as usual playing in a rotation at right outside linebacker with James Harrison, but he did orchestrate the biggest play of his career, which helped Pittsburgh win their first playoff game in five years….


Bengals Ebb While Steelers Flow To Triumph In Tug-Of-War

I would be lying if I said that I had ever personally seen such a crazy, up-and-down game while covering the Pittsburgh Steelers—at the very least, not with this much on the line. And granted, I haven’t been covering the team for all that long. In fact, this is the…