Jim Rome

Mike Mitchell Says Joe Haden Fitting In With Steelers’ Culture

There’s always a moment of doubt when a team makes a big free agency splash. Paying an outsider top dollar. Bringing someone into a new system, a new locker room, an entirely different place. But all things considered, Joe Haden seems to be fitting right in with the Pittsburgh Steelers….

Ike Taylor Says Antonio Brown Is NFL’s Best Feet Cleaner

Despite all the negative things that have been said and written about Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown over the course of the last several weeks, one of his former teammates showered him with praise during a recent interview on radio row in Houston. During his talk with Jim Rome,…

Brick-Headed Radio Jock Thinks Big Ben Is A Little Too Big

According to some guy who evidently uses the nickname “The Brick”, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been seeing too much of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger lately. To be more specific, he believes that they have gotten about 10 or 15 pounds too much of him. This astute analysis come from “J.T.”, John…

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Plaxico Burress Not So Sure That He Will Ever Play Again

Exactly one month ago, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress told a fan on Twitter that he will “indeed” be back in 2014, but in a radio interview last week with Jim Rome on radio row at the Super Bowl, the former first-round draft pick didn’t sound so sure that…