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Mike Tomlin Unwilling To Discuss Upcoming Visit With CB Keenan Lewis

Ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers Tuesday night free agent with veteran cornerback Keenan Lewis, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked at the conclusion of today’s practice what he would look for the recently released player to provide the team if signed. Tomlin, as you probably have already guessed, refused to…

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Free Agent CB Keenan Lewis: ‘I Don’t Have No Hip Issues’

The Pittsburgh Steelers are bringing recently released veteran cornerback Keenan Lewis in for a free agent visit Tuesday evening and prior to that happening he was interviewed on SiriusXM Radio. Lewis, who was officially released on Monday by the New Orleans Saints, first talked about what it’s like to all…


Keenan Lewis Reunion Would Continue Steelers’ Tradition

I don’t want to pretend the ink has been put on the paper yet but Keenan Lewis re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers would be just another in a long line of Steel City reunions. So let’s get a little nostalgic with the previous players who left for greener pastures but…


Keenan Lewis Writes He’s Visiting Steelers Today – (Updated)

One former Pittsburgh Steeler is making another trip through the Fort Pitt Tunnel Tuesday. Keenan Lewis told one Instagram user he’s visiting the team today. The Instagram account he commented on, antoniobrownmut, passed the following conversation along to us.     Not that there was much doubt but we looked for…

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Saints To Release CB Keenan Lewis

New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis posted a message on his Instagram account Friday night, saying goodbye to the team he’s been with since 2013. “I would like to thank New Orleans and all my fans. It’s been an awesome journey. I’m glad I had the opportunity to play for…


Missing Pieces 2016: CB Cortez Allen

Now that we have completed our look at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 90-man roster heading into training camp a bit under a month from now, it’s time to take a look back at the team’s 53-man roster from last year’s regular season, for the purpose of revisiting the contributions of the players…


Once The Future, Cortez Allen’s Struggles Left Him Behind

Having been a bit busy the past couple of days, and with the timing of the release being a bit of a surprise, I didn’t really get an opportunity to properly digest the Pittsburgh Steelers’ move to terminate the contract of Cortez Allen, the fourth-round cornerback that they drafted out…


Revisiting Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2009 Draft Class

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about a series of grades evaluating the rookie draft classes of each NFL team following their first seasons, and I talked about the arbitrary nature of the process, in particular the signing of a letter grade for players who have yet…


Art Rooney II Acknowledges Mistakes In Personnel Evaluations

Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II did his usual post-season media rounds recently, and he certainly gave us all plenty to chew on. We have already dissected much of what he had to say, but there was one thing in particular—an admission of sorts—that I think is notable enough to…


Stats Of The Weird: Steelers Vs Bengals

Let the weirdness begin. – Nothing too interesting over the score but we’ll focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers surpassing the 30+ mark again. They did it for the 5th straight week and if you read us last week, you would know reaching four in a row was a franchise record….