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Six Numbers That Must Change Sunday Afternoon

I know most of us are tired of hearing about the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the New England Patriots, but with the long week, it’s worth digging a little deeper into the box score. Here are six numbers that need to change in order for the Steelers to have a…


Steelers Film Room: Antwon Blake vs Julian Edelman

A lot of criticism has been levied against Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Antwon Blake over the past couple days, much of it warranted after the third-year defender was consistently beaten in coverage by Julian Edelman Thursday night. With the return of All-22 coaches film (YAY), I took a look at Blake’s…


Keith Butler Nearly Empties The Bench In Steelers DC Debut

When the Pittsburgh Steelers defense first took the field to start the 2015 regular season, there were still many questions being asked, not about how the unit would perform, but simply how it would look, and the manner in which it would be run regarding scheme and personality. New defensive…


Quick Hits: Steelers Vs Patriots Winners/Losers

The highlights and lowlights from the New England Patriots 28-21 Week One win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. WINNERS:  DeAngelo Williams: The veteran looked like a spry rookie tonight, running for 127 yards and averaging six yards per carry. He showed impressive burst to win the edge and vision to allude linebackers…


Rumors Of Lineup Changes In Secondary To Be Determined Tonight

When the Pittsburgh Steelers defense takes the field tonight, we are still not entirely certain just what we will be seeing. This is not in reference to the variety of new looks the defense will be presenting under new defensive coordinator Keith Butler, who has installed a number of notable…


Steelers Rapid Fire Conclusions: Preseason vs. Bills

Are you ready for some football? Apparently, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not as they dropped a Jurassic Park sized doozie against the Buffalo Bills last weekend, losing 43-19. Unfortunately, this was the last real chance for the team to improve itself as Coach Mike Tomlin will be playing the water…


Steelers Film Room: Bills Two Point Conversion

As we’ve written about so many times, the preseason offers the ability to adjust and respond. Normally, we highlight individual response, but occasionally, we’re able to look at schematic changes. Last week, we broke down the Green Bay Packers successful two point conversion play. It was a solid scheme by the…


Dress Rehearsal Just Hoping To See Several Steelers Dress

Saturday’s game against the Buffalo Bills will be dominated by the Pittsburgh Steelers starters, playing at least a half, even spilling into the third quarter. It’s the dress rehearsal, the last time the starters will play significant snaps before the regular season. It chances the dynamic for the backups –…


Steelers Defensive Changes Rooted In NFL History

In only three preseason games, Keith Butler has put a distinctive stamp on this Pittsburgh Steelers defense. A much more noticeable degree than anyone, myself included, anticipated. Some of the concepts might seem new to Steelers’ fans, but they’re not new to the league. Nothing is anymore. They’re taught, borrowed, tweaked…


Game Rewind: Steelers Vs Packers Breakdown

Game notes from the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-19 win over the Green Bay Packers. First Half – Kick coverage. Boykin-Golden-Wild-Garvin-Dupree-Hartley-Spence-Johnson-Dangerfield-Darby-Will Allen – The Packers spent their entire first drive in 20 personnel, two running backs and zero tight ends, leaving them with three receivers. Forced the Steelers into nickel the entire…


Steelers Pass Rush Plans Coming Together

The Pittsburgh Steelers set forth into their offseason with two primary missions: find more turnovers, and improve the pass rush. The efforts toward the former are ongoing as they adapt to employing more Cover 2 schemes. We got a glimpse of their offseason work in improving the pass rush last…

Football: Philadelphia Eagles QB Mark Sanchez (3) in action, making pass under pressure vs Pittsburgh Steelers Cam Thomas (96) during preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field.
Philadelphia, PA 8/21/2014
CREDIT: Al Tielemans (Photo by Al Tielemans /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)
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Cam Thomas More Comfortable In New Year, New Scheme

While veteran defensive lineman Cam Thomas has displayed notable improvement as he heads into his second season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it doesn’t seem clear to me that it can be traced back to any one specific alteration. One factor that has certainly come into play is the fact that…