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New Steelers TE Ladarius Green To Wear No. 80

It’s now officially official as the Pittsburgh Steelers have announced the signing of free agent tight end Ladarius Green to a four-year contract that reportedly totals out at $20 million. The team also announced that Green will wear No. 80. We have signed TE Ladarius Green to a four-year contract….


Steelers 2015 Offensive Breakdown: 12 Personnel

Before we dive too deep into the free agency period now underway, I figured it would be best to wrap up our series of articles that delves into the Pittsburgh Steelers offense and the manner in which they conducted their business, as dictated by personnel packages. We have already looked…


Steelers Have Very Quiet Week Ahead Of Start Of New League Year

There certainly was quite a few transactions around the NFL this past week that included taggings, tenderings, cuttings, restructurings and extensions, and that certainly was par for the course for this time of year. Outside of them waiving tackle Micah Hatchie, who spent all of last season on the Reserve/Injured list,…

Jesse James

2016 Steelers Pre-Free Agency Positional Review: Tight End

We’re now into March, and that means that the new league year will be upon us shortly, and when that time comes, the floodgates to free agency will open—not that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be major players when it comes to signing outside free agents, as they tend to keep…


Revisiting Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2007 Draft Class

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article about a series of grades evaluating the rookie draft classes of each NFL team following their first seasons, and I talked about the arbitrary nature of the process, in particular the signing of a letter grade for players who have yet…

Jesse James

Steelers 2015 Draft Class Review – TE Jesse James

There are not a lot of meaningful conclusions that you can reach about a player after the end of his first season, but that certainly doesn’t stop people from talking about it. You can find just about any variety of analysis that you would care to read if you just…


Steelers 2015 Offensive Breakdown: 10 And 01 Personnel

Continuing a periodical look at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ personnel tendencies, today we will be looking at how the team utilized four-wide receiver sets during the 2015 regular season and postseason. It makes more sense to combine the two because the sample size is so small, but recent discussions in the…


Steelers Won’t Force Receiving Production From TE Position

Heath Miller was a player who was on the field for virtually every meaningful offensive snap that the Pittsburgh Steelers took from 2005 to 2015 unless he was injured. It goes without saying that the offense if going to look a bit different heading into next season without him. I…

Heath Miller

Presence Of Championship ’08ers Fading For Steelers

We often refer to “the ‘05ers”, the small and continually shrinking group of Pittsburgh Steelers who have been a part of both of the team’s championships from the 2000s, an era that began now more than a decade ago. Following the retirement of Heath Miller, just three players remain from…

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2015 Player Exit Meetings – TE Matt Spaeth

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ season ended a few weeks earlier that they had planned it to, but now that their 2015 campaign has drawn to a conclusion, it’s time to wrap things up and take stock of where they are and how they got there. Part of that process involves holding…

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Rob Blanchflower Undone By Health Concerns

The Pittsburgh Steelers may not have addressed the tight end position in an overly significant way in quite a while—Matt Spaeth in 2007 has been the team’s most recent draft pick at the position in the first three rounds, and his re-signing has been the most significant free agency addition—the…

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Steelers 2016 Free Agents Analysis FB/TE Will Johnson – Unrestricted

Player: Will Johnson Position: Fullback/Tight End Experience: 4 Free Agent Status: Unrestricted 2015 Salary Cap Hit: $1,542,000 2015 Season Breakdown: We’re now starting to get more into the meat of the free agency discussion, touching on players who have or have had bigger roles and potentially bigger futures with the…