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Steelers Benefit From Chip Kelly’s Aversion To Short Cornerbacks

Since former Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly joined the ranks of NFL coaches by taking over the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, he has slowly but surely chipped away at the infrastructure of his team, recreating and rebuilding the roster in a manner that represents his own philosophy, which he…

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LeGarrette Blount Still Learning How To Be A ‘Big Back’

New Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount is a big back. There’s no disguising that fact behind his 6’, 250-pound frame. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he runs like a big back, or that he’s always known how. Make no mistake: Blount thrives on making contact and using his…

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Report: Browns Interested In Bruce Arians

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports on Twitter, the Cleveland Browns will include Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman in their head-coaching search after pulling out of the pursuit for Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly. Arians, who missed the Sunday AFC…