Paul Moss


Happy Birthday To The Pittsburgh Steelers

Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers turn 83 years old. They look pretty good for their age, don’t they? On July 8th, 1933 Art Rooney – The Chief – officially purchased the team for $2500. A large sum back then, especially in the midst of the Great Depression. They are forgotten years,…

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The Pre-Noll Era: Recapping The 1933 Season (Part One)

By Alex Kozora Today’s world is one filled of information. Especially in the sports’ sector. Want to know Kent Graham’s yards per completion in 2000? I don’t know why you would, but it’s out there (13.3 by the way). However, not everything is readily accessible. Football’s early years are understandably…

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The Pre-Noll Era: Paul Moss, Pioneer

By Alex Kozora The success of the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t always a constant. There was a long period of time, from their inaugural 1933 season until Chuck Noll’s arrival, where the team from Pittsburgh were at worst, an utter laughingstock and at best, loveable losers. Even during this gloomy era,…