Pressure On Steelers Defense To Provide More Pressure In 2016

Due to the way they played defense all season, none of us should be shocked that the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl this year. As far as defensive stats go, while the Broncos did lead the league this past regular season in sacks, they also led in a much…


Steelers Ranked No.6 in ESPN’s Way-Too-Early 2016 Power Rankings

After watching Super Bowl 50, you can’t help but wonder how the Pittsburgh Steelers would have fared against the Carolina Panthers had they beaten the Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round of the playoffs and the New England Patriots in the subsequent AFC Championship game, which would have taken place…


2015 NFL Final Stats: Adjusted Net Yards Per Passing Attempt Differential

With the 2015 NFL regular season now completed I have finally compiled the year-end adjusted net yards per passing attempt differential stats for all 32 teams. The Cincinnati Bengals ended the regular season with the best differential number with the Carolina Panthers finishing in second place. As you can see,…