Ray Rice

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League Chooses To Throw Women At Public Relations Concerns

In the midst of rising public relations concerns about the personal conduct of their athletes and the way in which they and their teams have handled their cases, the National Football League has recently announced that they have hired four women to serve as advisors to the league on issues…

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David Todd: Quick Thoughts: Steelers Versus Ravens

By David Todd It was an unusual week leading into Thursday’s nationally televised Steelers-Ravens game. The build-up had nothing to do with what has been one of the NFL’s best rivalries and everything to do with Ray Rice, a video released by TMZ, the Ravens ultimate decision to release Rice…

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Ravens To Reveal The Real 2014 Steelers

By Michael K. Reynolds Who are you 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers? Will the REAL team please stand up? Are you behind door number one, where in the first half of the Cleveland Browns game you appeared ready to go directly to the Super Bowl without passing Go? Or are you behind…