Rob Blanchflower

Steelers 2013 Training Camp Helmets

For Some More Than Others, It’s Been A Long Time Coming

We learn a lot about some of our incoming rookies undrafted free agents and first-year Reserve/Future signings every single year throughout the offseason process, and we find so often that they have an interesting backstory. Of course, having a good story to tell does not, and will never, win you…


2015 Steelers Pre-Training Camp Depth Chart Update: Tight End

The Pittsburgh Steelers have recently concluded their offseason schedule, complete with nine OTA practices and the three-day minicamp, and are currently off for about five weeks before they re-emerge in Latrobe for the start of training camp. Not much is expected to happen between now and then as far as…


James Daniel Praises Jesse James Football IQ

The true test of a player’s ability won’t come for another month when training camp commences and preseason games kickoff. But tight ends coach James Daniel seems excited about the progress rookie Jesse James is making. “Jesse has good knowledge of the game. He picks the game up pretty well….


Heath Miller’s Quiet Leadership Proves Effective

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been fortunate to have several veterans who aren’t brash about their leadership position, quietly doing their job and leading by example. James Harrison and Troy Polamalu have been two perfect examples. A list like that wouldn’t be complete without Heath Miller, the veteran tight end who…


The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers OTA Wrapup, Backup Tight Ends, 3-4 Defense With Zach Davis & More

Season 5, Episode 121 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and with Alex Kozora sitting in for David Todd again on this Friday, we open the show by recapping the Pittsburgh Steelers final week of OTA practices that concluded Thursday. We also look back at the entire OTA sessions and review the main themes that emerged over the course…

Rob Blanchflower Headshot

Blanchflower Fighting Health, Competition For Place On Roster

As far as seventh round picks go, there was a general feeling of excitement following Rob Blanchflower’s selection in 2014. A well-rounded tight end stuck on an atrocious team and marred by injury. He was brought onto a, of course, more talented team but couldn’t leave the injuries in college. An…

Will Johnson Headshot

Will Johnson Should Not Lose Many Snaps To Young Tight Ends

Will Johnson is entering his fourth season with the Pittsburgh Steelers after signing with the team a year removed from college as an undrafted free agent. He initially won the job for the fullback position during the preseason by default when David Johnson, who converted from tight end, tore his…


Jesse James Happy To Be In Pittsburgh

Jesse James doesn’t know what the future holds for him, but he’s happy about the present. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ fifth round pick, a South Allegheny native, is grateful to be playing near his hometown and under the tutelage of a veteran like Heath Miller. “There wasn’t a better place to…


Practice Squad Has Produced Contributors For Steelers In Recent Past

The practice squad in the National Football League is also known as the scout team, and, indeed, that is its primary function. The 10—formerly eight—players that make up each team’s practice squad serve the purpose of helping the starters to prepare for and scout their upcoming opponents. This is largely…


Remaining 2014 Draft Class Primed For Bigger Roles This Season

By the time September comes along, it’s very possible that four of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ nine draft picks from the 2014 NFL Draft will already be out of the league, or at least off the team. Those in the anti-Dri Archer camp would gladly argue that that number could be…


Kozora: 2015 53 Man Roster Prediction

I’ll follow in Dave Bryan’s footsteps and present my far-too-early 53 man roster predictions. In the spirit, I’ll throw in a wild guess at a ten man practice squad, too. Ours will look similar with there realistically being only 5-7 “open” spots on the roster. But there are still some…