Senior Bowl


2016 Senior Bowl: Final Winners And Losers

Senior Bowl week is finally in the books. We still have a lot more coverage to come as we really kick off the NFL Draft process, but you know we have to end the week with some final thoughts on the individuals who participated. We’ll break it down on each…


What I Learned From The Senior Bowl

Full disclosure. This post will be about things not related to the players I watched, and me just trying my hand at some prose and trying to sound insightful. Based off the generic title I even struggled to come up with, we’re not off to a good start. The week…


2016 Senior Bowl Game Discussion Thread

The 2016 Senior Bowl is about to get underway and we welcome you to discuss what you observe below in the comments. The North squad really looks stacked and there are likely to be a full players in this game who are ultimately drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.


2016 Senior Bowl Gameday Preview

With just one major bowl game left to display their talents on the field in a game situation, some of the top prospects heading into the NFL Draft will partake in today’s Senior Bowl from Mobile, Alabama. Our very own Alex Kozora has been down there all week, so I…


Senior Bowl Recap: All-22 Review

We’ve written a ton about the Senior Bowl and will continue to do so into next week. Still so much to cover. Wrap up podcast that will happen tomorrow night. Some final thoughts. Haven’t even touched transcribing the interviews I did early in the week. Look for that in the…


Senior Bowl Practice Report: Day Four

Our last day of practice here at Mobile (*sad face*). But the weather was warmer, especially for the afternoon practice. Another great day and as I write this, still one more press conference to go. Heading back to the Burgh tomorrow, landing in the afternoon. As always, your winners/losers from…