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Shakim Phillips Standing Tall, Trying To Stand Out

College football players transfer often enough we’ve become numb to the concept. Everett Golson went from the BCS Championship game (remember those?) to transferring to Florida State just over two years later. Even transferring twice isn’t unheard of. But twice and go back to the school you originally committed to?…


Steelers UDFA Murphy Took The Scenic Route On Way To NFL

When Boston College quarterback, Tyler Murphy, was a youngster, he idolized former Boston College and now Atlanta Falcons star, Matt Ryan. He eventually landed at the college, but not with a bunch of stars or the “big man on campus” label like a lot of today’s hot shot recruits. In…

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Are Live Football Film Rooms The Next Big Thing?

If you enjoy learning about the X’s and O’s of football as much as I do, I hope that you tuned into the Film Room broadcast on ESPN News during the Monday night BCS National Championship game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers as college coaches Steve…