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Kevin Colbert Talks Draft Evaluations And Analytics

I don’t know that it will change anything. I don’t know that there will be any difference in the end results. Perhaps there won’t be anything different in that regard—and even if there were, we would probably not be able to tell. But there will be at least one thing…


Steelers Wade Into Waters Of Football Analytics

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Pittsburgh Steelers have joined a growing number of NFL teams that have begun to adapt to the growing field of analytics as they explore new ways to build their team. The traditionally conservative organization had previously been among those most skeptical of its…


Video: Pirates Pay Tribute To Troy Polamalu During Wednesday Night Game

If you missed the Pittsburgh Pirates paying tribute Wednesday night to recently retired Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu during their game against the Minnesota Twins, you can watch the ROOT Sports coverage of it below. As you can see, Polamalu was in a private suite that belonged to Thomas Tull where…

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Steelers 2013 Training Camp – Day Two Recap

The second day of training camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers is now in the books and here is a recap of everything notable that happened throughout the day. The Steelers announced early in the day that they have agreed to a three-year deal with Legendary Entertainment, which just so happens…

Steelers Get More Legendary In Latest Deal

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced a new three-year deal with Legendary Entertainment Saturday morning and as part of that deal, the team has agreed to wear patches on their practice jerseys. Legendary Entertainment CEO, Thomas Tull, is also a part owner of the Steelers so the deal certainly isn\’t a surprise….