Todd Haley


Watch: Haley Brings Back RPOs To Pittsburgh’s Offense

Our weekly talk to the tape segment. Todd Haley may have had an up-and-down season, but Sunday against Dallas, he called a good game. One thing he increased was the use of RPOs, run/pass options, that created several successful plays. There were also multiple options on screen plays to give…


Film Room: Evaluating The Steelers’ Failed Two-Point Conversions

The Pittsburgh Steelers were prepared for it, I’m sure, but it’s a safe bet they didn’t expect to try four two-point attempts in Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys. And unfortunately, they put up the big ‘ol goose egg, even more disappointing considering the success they had in 2015. We’re…


Ben Credits Haley For Motivation Behind Fake Spike

It would’ve been the play of the year for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The one we’d still be talking about this week. Instead, like I wrote on Monday, it’s a footnote. But Ben Roethlisberger had a chance to explain what led to his Dan Marino fake spike that resulted in a touchdown…


Film Room: Ben’s Marino-Inspired Spike A Forgotten Highlight

I know it’s inconsequential. It’s the Pittsburgh Steelers’ version of Jermaine Kearse’s sensational Super Bowl catch. A captivating play immediately wiped out by what followed. For him, Russell Wilson’s interception. For Pittsburgh, giving the lead – and the game – right back to Dallas. But man, it was an awesome…


Gut Reactions: Steelers Vs Cowboys Week 10

These are some of my gut reactions after watching the Pittsburgh Steelers grasp defeat from the jaws of victory in Week 10 against the Dallas Cowboys. – I’m a fan of going for 2-point conversions. Historically and statistically, Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers’ offense have been good at converting them….


Watch: The Truth About Todd Haley’s Playcalling Sunday

As I’ll preface in the video, Todd Haley did not have a resume-building game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. No one did. But how much of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ struggles were on him? Less than you think. We throw aside all the cliches. Too conservative. Too much run, run, pass. Too…


Steelers Vs. Ravens: Beyond The Box Score – Week 9

Box score’s give the statistical picture of a football game, but every game has a set of plays that impact it more than the box score indicates. Here is a compilation of those plays from the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. – With six minutes left…


Film Room: Coates’ Late Drop A Perfect Play Call Wasted

Real quick look at Sammie Coates’ fourth quarter drop that could’ve made the Baltimore Ravens’ loss way more interesting. It was a perfect playcall, great throw, and squandered by Coates. To be clear, far from the main reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers lost. Coates didn’t get them into a three-score…


David Todd: Quick Thoughts On Week 9: Steelers Versus Ravens

Coming off consecutive losses followed by the bye week the Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore Sunday for a big divisional game against the Baltimore Ravens, losers of four straight. The Steelers lost 21-14 largely due to three quarters of the worst offensive football seen in Mike…


Gut Reactions: Steelers Vs Ravens Week 9

7 gut reactions from the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 9 road loss to the Baltimore Ravens. – My biggest reaction after watching this game is that the Steelers offense needs to play with the same urgency we saw in the 4th quarter more consistently. I get it, I’m a proponent of…


Steelers Vs Ravens Winners/Losers

Read this and then feel free to chuck your computer out the window. That’s what I’m planning to do. WINNERS Ryan Shazier: Shazier flew around the ball today with excellent diagnosis and producing some splash plays. He forced a fumble and nearly picked off a screen pass. He finished the…


Haley Calls Marcus Gilbert A Top Five Tackle

Todd Haley gave Chris Hubbard his due and again spoke to how well he’s played in Marcus Gilbert’s three game absence. But Haley is overjoyed to have his starting right tackle back. And he heaped a ton of praise on the job Gilbert has done over the last two years. “[Gilbert]…


Haley Discusses Ravens’ Week Call-Sheet Preparation, Jones’ Play Against Patriots

Entering Thursday, there’s still a decent chance that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will start Sunday in the team’s road game against the Baltimore Ravens. With that said, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley has become quite accustomed to preparing a backup to start in place of an injured Roethlisberger over…