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Steelers Have The Best Uniforms Per ESPN Guru

According to ESPN uniform guru Paul Lukas, who also runs the site uni-watch.com, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the league’s best uniform. While Lukas’ reasoning and rankings are very subjective, I’m not going to argue with him. You can hear his reasoning as to why he had the Steelers ranked first…

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Throw Out Those \’Throwbacks\’

By Christina Rivers The Steelers organization revealed their 80th Anniversary \’throwback\’ jerseys on Tuesday much to the disdain of many Steelers fans.  The most common comment on social media site Facebook was that the uniforms, in 1934 and for the upcoming season, make the boys look like they are “on…

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New Steelers Nike Jersey & Uniform Unveiled

Nike and the NFL unveiled the next generation of jersey uniforms for all 32 teams at their Tuesday launch event at Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York and that means we got our first look at the new Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms and jerseys. Nike is taking over this year for…