Super Bowl 43 Officiating Referee Crew Announced

Referee Terry McAulay has been named to head the seven-man officiating crew that will work Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.

The other six members of the officiating crew for Sunday\’s game, are Roy Ellison (umpire), Derick Bowers (head linesman), Mark Perlman (line judge), Greg Gautreaux (field judge), Michael Banks (side judge) and Keith Ferguson (back judge). The crew\’s seven members collectively have 55 years of NFL officiating experience and 43 playoff-game assignments between them.

McAulay, an 11-year NFL veteran, has officiated in nine playoff games — in Super Bowl XXXIX, five NFC Championships, two divisional playoffs and one wild-card game.

The highest-rated officials at each position with the appropriate experience earn the right to work the Super Bowl. Super Bowl officials must have five years of NFL experience and previous playoff assignments.

Bob McGrath, the replay assistant, will work his sixth playoff game.

  • Scott

    This was the pinnacle of 2008 officiating. The game ends on a questionable call with no booth review. Guess it decides the question for me…the outcome had to have been predetermined. When you lump that in with several extremely questionable calls throughout the game…all of which were not eligible for review…I think you have it.

    Ed Hocules made, what I thought at the time, was the worst blunder ever. And it cost the Chargers the game. The officials in Superbowl 43 topped it. There was NO booth review of a call from the officials that changed the possible outcome of the game. And the rules prevent the coaches from issuing a challenge in the last 2 minutes. Total BS.

    I’m a life long NFL fan…or was. I’m gone. There are other sports with at least a chance of being officiated fairly. Apparently then NFL can’t do that.

  • gordon

    Well, here we go again. Questionable call after questionable call. Warner’s arm was going forward, everyone who has a DVR can see it clear as day. No review from the booth on a game changing call. Great work as always, Zebras! I look forward to the day when a computer throws the flag and McAulay’s biggest problem is remembering where he put his false teeth.