Audio from Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Chicago Bears Post Game Press Conference

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2009, week 2 loss against the Chicago Bears on Sunday September 20th, 2009. Transcript to follow.


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Mike Tomlin Opening Statement
I’d like to tip my hat to Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears. They played a very good football game. They fought until the very end. They didn’t blink, and they found a way to win it. We desired to do some things today, and we were unable to do them. I thought Jay Cutler was very good with the football. He faced some pressure, but he made great decisions. He put the ball in great locations, and the Bears converted third downs. They did enough to win, and we didn’t. We accept responsibility for that, and congratulate them at the same time. We understand that they had a part in the outcome in this football game. We’ll make adjustments and move forward.

Question: On the performance of kicker Jeff Reed
Mike Tomlin: I haven’t talked to Jeff yet about why he missed two kicks. Of course, this is uncharacteristic of him. He just kicked the game winner in overtime last week, and that’s what we’re used to. We aren’t used to what happened with him today.

Question: On the Steelers’ running game
Mike Tomlin: I’m not overly concerned about what is written or said about our running game. We are just trying to play, and play to win. We don’t blink. We’ve got a commitment to doing what it is we do, and doing it how we do it. The end result is the end result. I’m not going to pat myself on the back because we ran for a decent amount of yards today. We lost the football game. I’d rather run for no yards and win.

Question: On the long drives by the Bears
Mike Tomlin: Within that, there are significant plays, some more significant than others – third down plays being one of them. The Bears did a nice job with this, and I have to compliment them. Cutler stood in there and threw some balls, drifted away from some unblocked people and so forth. They did a really nice job and I’d be remiss if I didn’t compliment them on how they performed in those situations.

  • Mike

    Tomlin – class act. All the way.

  • John

    Tomlin is a great guy. His ability to stay level headed and treat the games as outcomes of his systems is remarkable. I greatly admire him on and off the field.

  • Lance Breakiron

    A cocky kicker is hard to accept within any organization. Steeler Nation has looked the other way concerning Jeff Reed over the past few seasons. Naturally when you are winning games, one tends to turn a deaf ear or two. But, when you miss two game deciding field goals on one Sunday afternoon, Steeler nation will sit up and take notice to that! It’s time to shut your mouth Jeff Reed, buckle your chin strap, keep your head down, and make the kick! Every game matters in the 16 week NFL season, we truly hope this one does not come back to haunt us!

  • David

    Lance, take a chill pill. games like this are gonna happen. it has been awhile since we lost alot of ball games. this loss should humble us in every sense of the word. we all will move on and play more ball, and we will win some by 20 points and we will lose some by 3, reed is a quality kicker, and as of all the blogs i have read so far concerning this game, you are the only one who is crying, we stand behind our kicker jeff reed in steelersnation as should you!

  • Lance Breakiron

    David, If we were talking about one missed field goal in the 4th quarter, I would also have the same thought process as you. Games like this CAN NOT happen. There are easily four to five losses on the schedule. We can all accept a loss due to a missed field goal in the 4th. In fact, I fear that game is still out there as well. A 9-5 season, or even 10-6 will be pushing it. I am sure you will agree we want to be playing in January, not watching. Reed faulted twice on Sunday, to me it’s unacceptable. We all make mistakes. Reed doesn’t have the luxury of making two mistakes in one game. Lets hope this does not effect his confidence next week, because we need him!