Stefan Logan Punt Return By Frames

This punt return alone from last night, shows why Stefan Logan has made the roster. The blocking on the return was not the best, yet Logan weaved his way through with barely being touched. This is why they call him Joystick. looks like he is in a Pacman game and gets away. Logan can really change the complexion of field position in a game, just imagine if he gets some blocking.

5 defenders closing in.

Now 7, all unblocked still.

4 have a chance at him still.

Whoops, maybe not.

A little help in a form of a block on the way, but not needed.

There is the lone block.

Silly punter…PLEASE!

  • Stefan Logan is very much needed on this team, as our offense has not and is not scoring many points at all, last year and during the preseason this year, it’s just a matter time before this thing come’s back to bite us, our defense is great, but you can’t expect them to hold every body back all game, in the 70’s we ran the ball well, played great defense, but the last two super bowls back then, we started to air it out with Swann and Stallworth, and if not for that, we could have lost, with this team, the run game needs to get going, control the clock, or we will have to revert back to the passing game to have the success we all expect.