Coming To An Endzone Near You: THE BIG LEGURSKY

Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians unveiled a new goalline package on Sunday night versus the San Diego Chargers, in which big backup center Doug Legursky was lined up at fullback ahead of running back Rashard Mendenhall. The offensive line really did not need the help as you can see in the video below, but Legursky cleared out Chargers linebacker Brandon Siler just the same.

I have created a movie poster as well. I call it “THE BIG LEGURSKY”

The Big Legursky

Here is the movie trailer below for “THE BIG LEGURSKY”
[flv: 480 368]

  • Mario Lopez

    I loved it, thought it showed they are attempting to fix the problem of short yardage and goalline failures from the past…

  • jayman

    As much as I try to keep in mind that the Bus was most likely one of the best big backs of all time, I never really felt like Fast Willie was capable of being our starter. He’s more of a back-up or a tandem piece. He’s a stallion, no doubt, I do like him and he’s capable of busting out a big gain any time he touches the ball, but we have to admit he’s just as likely to get stuffed behind the line, we have to accept that he’s a soft runner.

    Parker cried to the media about the O not having a fullback because he needed that blocker, Fast Willie runs, full steam ahead, and just hopes they don’t catch him. He’s good at that, and there is a place for it on our team, it’s just number 2.

    I love Big Ben, I’m so glad we can finally pass the ball, but as much as I love him he’s no Payton. Every drop back has the potential to go the other way, and we accept this and love him anyway because every seeming sack has the potential to be a touchdown.

    But making Roethlisberger throw the ball more than absolutely necessary in the second half is a recipe for disaster. This team needs a back, I don’t care if it’s Mendy or Redzone, who can get us just three or four tough yards every time.

    If we had *any* kind of clock killing from Parker we beat Chicago and we beat Cincy. Getting a lead and eating the clock WORKS. This -24 4th quarter scoring has got to end, and the beginning of the end is putting Parker on the bench for sixty percent of our carries.

  • jayman

    Oh yeah:

    Dear Steelers,
    An interception vs. Detroit (or any kind of turnover) would be very nice. We haven’t had a turnover since Troy went down (14 quarters? Really?!).=(