Steelers Pass Target Report Through Week 4 2009

Below is the target report from the first 4 games of the season. The numbers that jump out the most is the completion percentage to Santonio Holmes along with the drops Holmes has had. It could be a number of things including the wrist injury that Holmes had early on that may be affecting him. Other wise, these are really impressive numbers thus far. Not only how the ball is being spread around, but the concerted effort to get the ball more to tight end Heath Miller. It is scary how good the completion percentage could be if Holmes catches a few more and Limas Sweed holds onto the sure touchdown in the Bengals game. I will re-visit these numbers in 4 more weeks.

Santonio Holmes351954%528414.951
Hines Ward332679%235513.650
Heath Miller272489%01817.542
Mike Wallace201470%019413.860
Mewelde Moore141179%0807.271
Matt Spaeth5360%0175.671
Willie Parker44100%04411.001
Rashard Mendenhall33100%03913.000
Limas Sweed2150%155.000
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