Larry Johnson Would Be An Unneeded Distraction

Years ago, Steelers fans were screaming at their televisions on draft day for the Black & Gold to draft running back Larry Johnson with their first round pick in 2003. The Steelers traded up with the Kansas City Chiefs and drafted safety Troy Polamalu while the Chiefs ended up drafting Johnson at #27. Johnson had to sit behind Priest Holmes for years before getting the starting job and has always been a distraction to the Chiefs throughout the years.

Johnson was released by the Chiefs on Monday and several analyist are claiming Johnson may indeed land with the Steelers. While Johnson is attractive from a big back standpoint, he is less attractive from a distraction standpoint. Not only that, the Steelers have no room on the roster for him. Even with Carey Davis injuring a hamstring Monday night, he is more of a fullback and special teams contributor. Neither role that Johnson is accustomed to. Sure you could release Davis, Arnold Harrison or Stefan Logan, but you still have too many bodies per game day hats. There is no way Rashard Mendenhall, Willie Parker or Mewelde Moore are made inactive on game day. It just will not happen.

If there were to be an injury to Mendenhall, then and only then would Johnson become an option, but the Steelers also have a couple of running backs on the practice squad they could activate as well in the form of Isaac Redman and Justin Vincent. Nothing would make the Penn State alum more happy than to come back home and play for the Steelers, but right now, there is no need nor room at the inn.

  • kuba

    stefan logan sucks, the experiment is over give mike wallace the opportunity to return kicks, he set records at ole miss goddamit the only thing logan sets is the smallest player in the nfl.

    maybe when parker goes next year we could possibly get larry. i agree he aint needed right now.

  • Ted Olzack

    The steelers have Redman. That guy is a stud. Play him!!!



  • Rob Henderson

    Larry Johnson wants to be a celebrity ( because he’s a member of the ROC)Not a Football player. They say he was an ass when he was at Penn State. I thought he’d want to goto NY Jets but I see New England Picking him up on a 1yr with optional 2nd year and he’ll make them better. I like how Mendenhall is running but he is reminding me of Sean Alexander and running out of bounds instead of getting hit. You don’t run out of bounds when your trying to run out the clock. He still has 2 games against The Ravens to play and we don’t know if he is going to be afraid to get hit by Ray Lewis. We don’t need Johnson but I’d take him so New England doesn’t Plus he’s an upgrade over Parker. Ask the team if they want him and would keep him in check but with the Jeff Reed and Matt Spaeth issues I don’t know if you want another

  • Mary Kay Mock

    The Steelers would be CRAZY to get rid of Logan!! He’s a rookie and has only just begun, and can be used besides kick returns! Wallace is a great player, and I look for big things for him, but keep Logan too!
    Larry Johnson was a great player at Penn State, and while I had hoped the Steelers would draft him, and CERTAINLY GLAD THEY DRAFTED TROY INSTEAD!!!! Larry Johnson has an attitude problem, and should grow up and be thankful for what he has and his career instead of causing problems and shooting off his mouth! While he could certainly help next year, because I don’t look for Pittsburgh to keep Willie Parker, there’s no room for Johnson now or his attitude (although he might be happy with the Steelers).

  • cris

    I am a huge Steeler fan and one of the main things I love about the organization is the way they handle business. Pittsburgh lets the coaches and staff run the show and Mr. Rooney lets things run their course, but what he does not tolerate is bad attitudes on a team. This is the reason we have been so successful. When Plax wanted to show his azz, we got rid of him, now see where he is. I dont think a team like Pittsburgh has any room for a man like Johnson today, tomorrow or ever. He has shown time and time again that he wants to run the show and when he does not get his way, behave like a child, and that is not how the world operates. He doesnt own the team or sign any checks so he needs to learn that he will have to take orders from someone so long as he lives on this earth, I just hope and pray that he will never get the honor or privelage to be graced with playing for the greatest team in the history of the NFL. Lets let well enough alone and let Johnson be someone elses headache, we are alright without him. GO BLACK N GOLD….GO STEELERS….

  • steeler56

    This is a quote from Dennis Dillon of Sporting News

    If my team needed a back and it had a strong locker room with strong leaders, I’d sign ex-Chiefs RB Larry Johnson. He’s still a powerful runner, and he can wear down defenses. Kansas City’s line was a detriment the last two years, and he was doing a lot on his own — with average success. You put him behind a good line and I think he’ll have a new-found spring in his step.

    Two questions come to mind: 1. could we use Larry Johnson? Do we need Larry Johnson?

    My answer to question 1 is yes we can use him, his qualities and experience would enhance our running game. Because we do have a strong line and a strong locker room. I know we would have to release some players who may be our future but we are playing for now, the 7th Vince Lombardi. His large frame and explosive style running will give us another dimension is 3rd and short situation; I’m talking 3 to 4 yards. Currently other teams assume we will pass in this situation. With LJ in there it opens up all pages of the play book.

    Question 2 No we do not need him, the Steelers have been a team that has stayed away from public embarrassments’, we got rid of the Burress, Foster, Cedrick Wilson, Davenport …. Not that all players on the current team are angels. We do have a good stable of running backs with a good mixture of experience and youth, its one of the situations dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t, because we all know that the Patriots are going to get him. If I were coach T it would be a hard decision not to take him as insurance

  • admin

    The thing you have to ask yourself is can we win it without him? If he was such a huge commodity, he never would of cleared waivers regardless of the salary attached. He has thus cleared and STILL no team has signed him. That’s 31 other teams, some who could clearly use the help. You bring in a guy like LJ and quietly you could have Rashard get a complex by looking over his shoulder. The team is playing great football right now, they do not need LJ or the distraction. If an injury were to happen, then sure, he would likely become option number 1, but right now he is not worth it.

  • rob blanton

    i think larry johnson would be a great rb for pittsburgh,but every 1 is talkin bout his attitude willie parker is a ass to so i think we could calm larry down