Video Of Pat White Getting Knocked Out By Ike Taylor

Below is the video of Dolphins back up quarterback getting knocked out cold by Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor in the week 17 game in Miami. White was immobilized and taken off the field on a stretcher.

[flv: 480 368]

  • ugotknockedoutpatwhite

    It wasnt a dirty hit either it was smashmouth, in your face, agressive style of our defense. White lowered his head and is just as much at fault for getting knocked out. Alot of Dolphin fans laughed when Big Ben went down this year so I thought it was fair for us to repay them when Pat White went down. In the heat of the moment I gave Dolphins fan a mean streak from a lifelong Steelers fan. Steelers will be back and we are going to draft good and try to get big free agent in here too maybe even a trade for Boldin or Brandon Marshall.