Steelers Round 2 Possibilities With Jackson Off The Board

Now that day one is in the books and the Steelers addressed the offensive line in round one with the selection of Maurkice Pouncey from Florida. It is time to direct the attention to the Steelers 2nd round pick. In my mock draft, I had Kareem Jackson. I knew his stock was on the rise after talking to a few scouts, but thought there was still an outside shot he would slide to round 2. I was resigned to fact that it might take the Steelers moving up to an earlier round 2 pick to get him and feel they were prepared to at least attempt to do so. The Texans ended all of that by taking Jackson just 2 picks after the Steelers drafted Pouncey. While playing out all of the day 2 scenarios would be mighty tough, now that Jackson is off the board, we can at least look at some other choices the Steelers may make with their #2 pick. I really still think they draft a defensive back with this pick, so that means cornerback or safety. I will however not rule out other positions if players slide.

Below is a short list of players who I consider to be possibilities for the Steelers in round 2 and they should start going quick when round 2 starts. None of the below would surprise me as 2nd round draft picks:

FS Taylor Mays – Southern California
FS Nate Allen – South Florida
FS Morgan Burnett – Georgia Tech
CB Chris Cook – Virginia
CB Brandon Ghee – Wake Forest
ILB Sean Lee – Penn State
DE Alex Carrington – Arkansas State
T Rodger Saffold – Indiana
RB Toby Gerhart – Stanford
WR Golden Tate – Notre Dame
WR Arrelious Benn Illinois

  • Martin

    I’d add a few more to the list:

    Linval Joseph DT
    Koa Misi DE/OLB
    Emmanuel Sanders WR

  • Martin

    I hope they take the RB in the 2nd round. If they are going back to the running game and seeing as how Mendy was easily injured but will return to the running game without BB for 4-6 games and without SH, we’ll need a power RB like Gerhart.

  • dave

    I’d be happy with any of those guys, including Koa Misi or Linval Joseph that Martin mentioned.

  • dave

    Another one I thought of would be Mt. Cody from Alabama. Not a huge need for us now that Hampton is re-signed but maybe a value pick at 52 and definitely huge value if he falls to round 3.

  • Scott

    While I agree with Martin about focusing on getting Mendy a sidekick, I can’t stress enough how important this season is going to be in terms of introducing a young player to the Steelers defensive unit.

    It’s an exceptional year to be a young defensive player for Pittsburgh in the first place, because each unit has a wonderful veteran that will still be seeing the majority of the play time and thus teaching, teaching, and doing more teaching.

    The line’s got Professors Hampton and Smith to teach Ziggy + whomever. The linebacking corps will be intructed by Dr. Farrior and company. Our gorgeous safety duo will have class in session 100% healthy for a change, and Professor Ike is working on getting tenured at the corners.

    I am really stressing to all of my pals the importance of this pick being a defensive player. As always though, I’m just excited to be able to watch it live.

  • We need help on defense ASAP! L. Blount out of Oregan will be our big back… he will be avalible in the four or fifth round. we going for 7 in Dallas. stay tuned…

  • JRob

    I thought your second round choices were better than what we picked. It looks to me like we picked another project that could have still been on the board in the 4th round. Our 3rd pick was wasted on a receiver unless they think he is better than someone we have now as we already have more than will make the team. This guy seems like one of the run and shoot type of receivers that Moon was tossing the ball to on the Oilers. I just wonder if it would have not been better two have packaged these 2 picks and moved up to take a safety or better inside linebacker. Then moved up with our other picks as well and had higher quality but fewer guys going for the roster. After all is it likely that more than 5 rookies make our team. At this rate we will probably draft tight ends for the rest of the draft.