Steelers Undrafted Free Agent Signings

The draft as over and the Steelers will now begin the process of signing 5-7 undrafted free agents. Check back here and I will pass along the un-drafted free agents as I get them. Please note that none of these are official and will not be until announced on These reports come in fast from various sources and sometimes are just invites to work out.

UPDATE: Daryll Clark reports that he has not agreed yet with Steelers. As I warned these come in from various sources, so be warned.
Colbert said 5-7 UDFA\’s will be signed. I currently have 7 on my unconfirmed list, so that may be about it if indeed this list holds.

Update: The list below is now official. Should be noted that Taylor is a DT and not a FB.

OL Dorian Brooks – James Madison
S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith – Texas-El Paso
T Kyle Jolly – North Carolina
DT Demetrius Taylor – Virginia Tech
DE Cordarrow Thompson – Virginia Tech
S Justin Thornton – Kansas
OL A.J. Trump – Miami
DE Lindsey Witten – Connecticut
C Bradley Vierling – Vanderbilt

  • mario lopez

    come on take a flyer on DT vince oghabaase from duke…..we need a smartie on the team….

  • Brooks is going to be an absolute steal. Well-coached OL from the toughest running team (JMU) in 1-AA. Nice pickup.

  • dave

    Ciron Black sure fell – I can remember mocks a year or so ago that had him going in the 1st round. Maybe he’s this year’s version of Ramon Foster for us?

  • Dolly

    Dorian Brooks is an excellent choice! He did wonders for JMU!!!

  • dave

    The “official” list was recently posted on and Ciron Black isn’t on it. He must have changed his mind.

    One guy that sounds interesting to me is Demetrius Taylor – Fullback – 6’0″, 273lbs! We don’t currently have a FB on the roster, other than maybe Frank the Tank, or one of the TEs, so maybe this guy has a shot, especially if they go back to using a “smashmouth” style FB.

    Steelers have 89 players on the roster, so some of the Jason Chery, Derrick Doggett, Trae Williams, etc types that they signed in January might get cut as the draft class signs. They can’t have more than 80 players under contract.

  • admin

    Taylor is a DT not a FB.

  • dave

    Ok, thanks … had him as a FB. I will curb my enthusiasm for a 273lb lead blocker!

  • admin

    You guys need to learn to read better. I made sure to let you know that none of the speculated signings were official until posted on I see this every year where players are reported to be going one place and end up another. Such is the case with Ciron Black, Daryll Clark and the 2 UCONN players.

  • J

    Demetrius Taylor did play DT at Virginia Tech but played tailback in high school. The Steelers plan on utilizing him as a FB. Get PUMPED, Dave!!!

  • dave

    Ok J – thanks. definitely has him listed as a FB. The kid has zero chance of making the roster as an undersized DT but maybe he has an outside shot as a FB, if they want to go back to having a smashmouth, Dan Kreider type on the roster again.

  • notjustasteelerfan

    Did the Steelers sign Lindsey Witten DE/OLB?
    because he’s not listed on their official list but he is listed on their roster..